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What is your favourite type of taskforce?
View Poll Results: What is your favourite type of taskforce?
Balanced 16 31.37%
Mechanised 6 11.76%
Infantry 15 29.41%
Shooty 6 11.76%
Assaulty 8 15.69%
Voters: 51. You may not vote on this poll

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Default What is your favourite type of taskforce?

So...what is your favourite type of taskforce?

Vote away and maybe care to explain why it is your favourite type of taskforce.

(Thanks for the idea Ui Veta.)
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Default Re: What is your favourite type of taskforce?

Gotta be an armoured task force for me. It looks so impressive on the tabletop.

Plus - Big yellow trucks! Everyone likes big yellow trucks, right? Right? No? Just me then? :-\
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Default Re: What is your favourite type of taskforce?


Whether it's assault oriented or shooty there is just something about having hordes of troops on the table. It's playing to the marines strength of being tough to put down with the minimizing of their habit of being outnumbered most times. We have a troop option that does fairly well in every aspect of the game. Heavy support? devastators. Fast attack? Assault troops. Elites? Veterans and Terminators. If you play it right you don't have to worry about not having tanks or transports. You just have someone who fills in and does the job as well.

When the other guy looks over at your force and sees that many power armoured, terminator armoured and carapace armoured troops it is scary in it's own way. It's even worse when he realizes you might actually have more men on the table than him, specially for Guard players. That makes it worth it in it's own right.
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Default Re: What is your favourite type of taskforce?

A tough question for me, so far my Tau were shockingly mechanized and my marines are going all infantry to this point but Id have to say when it comes to marines Id say balanced. Marine tanks arent so good that I would think a full mechanized force is a great idea and while all infantry can be fun it never phased me when I played Tau and was outnumbered 2 to 1 by marines. These guys are the Emperors Finest and for that balance seems the best. Whether its between Infantry and armor or shooty and assaulty.

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Default Re: What is your favourite type of taskforce?

balanced, because everyone needs to know their place. an all shooty army can be swamped, an all assaulty army can be shot to peices. but a balanced army is like a swiss army knife, no matter what tool you need you have it.
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Default Re: What is your favourite type of taskforce?

Infantry/assault AKA Infantry heavy force with slightly more focus on assault(My marines are trench fighters with Trust your battle brothers)
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Default Re: What is your favourite type of taskforce?

Tom, that has to be the biggest number of yellow trucks I've seen in one place. And it looks awesome. For me, I would say that a mech force is for me. Just watching the guy sit there and go "HOW many vehicles do you have?" is just an awesome feeling.
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Default Re: What is your favourite type of taskforce?

Hmm, this poll might not be the best as there are a few ways to look at it. One, you can go infantry or armoured or a mix in the middle. On another axis you can go shooty or assault oriented or again, somewhere in the middle. The results would be plotted more like this:


So for example I go mostly infantry with maybe one or two vehicles, usually dreads or landspeeders with a strong emphasis on being shooty. That would put me in the high upper left. Maybe if instead of voting in the poll we used a 1 to 10 scale for shooty/assault and then for armour/infantry?

For example:
Shooty Balanced Assault
Infantry Balanced Armour

So I'd say I go about a two on the infantry/armour axis and about a three on the shooty/assault axis.
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Default Re: What is your favourite type of taskforce?


Why? As i got to GW stores to battle ( :) i face different races and different opponents, so i tend to balance my forces. If i were to tailor my army to beat a specific race/opponent, the other opponents would most probably chew me up, and spit me out.

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Default Re: What is your favourite type of taskforce?

I chose balanced, and let me explain why. I don't know how many of you folks have played a game called Alpha Centauri, but it's one of my favorite games in the world (It's an empire building game, much like the Civilization series...both were made by Sid Meier). Well, through out the game they discuss philosophy extensively, including military philosophy, and how it might change in the near future (they quote Sun Tzu a lot). As they describe it, there are three paths to victory:

1) Power: To many, this is the obvious one, if you have bigger guns and better armor, you will win any slugging match. When you find the enemy, they die, the life crushed out of them in one large brutal assault. Static Shooty Space Marine armies take this route, as do some assault heavy armies, hauling as many high strength weapons as they can to the battlefield.

2) Mobility: From one point of view, Mobile armies pack less of a punch than Power armies, but their greatest strength is that they can focus what power they do have all at one point, because they alway have the means to get where they need to be. Alternatively, rather than just focusing on one point in a battlefield, each unit can act independently, each focusing on multiple weak points in the enemy lines. Some, but not all assault armies lean this way, getting large numbers of bikes, land speeders, and jump packs to run circles around the enemy. (This was Sun Tzu's weapon of choice BTW).

3) Flexability: This is perhaps the hardest one to codify, but it's also my favorite. Not simply a mixture of Power and Mobility, Flexability could best be described as utility, and this is perhaps the Marines greatest strength. Utility means that every unit is useful in as many situations as possible, so that whatever happens to them, they have an adequate response. Terminators are la creme a la creme of this philosophy, able to shoot or assault, run or stand still, all at a moments notice. They of course suffer slightly by not specializing, but enemies are sometimes left scratching their heads because they're not quite sure how to get rid of them. Other great examples of flexability come in the form of weapons with high rates of fire (the assault cannon stands out in the fore front, capable of killing both infantry and armor), or abilities like pinning, which can stop an enemy in their tracks.

It should come as no surprise that I use Flexability, as my main doctrine, trying to keep the enemy on their toes while I whittle down their forces. And a Balanced force is by far the best way to go about it, hence Balanced is my Taskforce of choice.
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