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[BatRep] Old Hatreds, 1150pt Marines vs Eldar (with pics)
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Default [BatRep] Old Hatreds, 1150pt Marines vs Eldar (with pics)

This battle was played against my brothers Eldar yesterday. The board was set up hastily on the kitchen table and was an odd size. Instead of playing with normal deployment zones my brother decided he wanted to deploy with large zones. I would guess to allow him to set up his nasty firebases and give his tanks cover. I decided to humor him. Thus the board was roughly 4 1/2 feet wide but we set up 18" from the edge putting us quite close together compared to the usual distances and normal 24" minimum.

The lists were as follows:

Vanilla Eldar
Farseer, mind war, shuriken pistol
Howling Banshees (7), Exarch
Guardian Defenders (10), starcannon
Guardian Defenders ( 8 )
Rangers (5)
Rangers (5)
Vyper, starcannon, CTM
Vyper, starcannon, CTM
Falcon, starcannon, CTM, holo field
Dark Reapers (5), Exarch, Eldar Missil Launcher, Fast shot

Ultramarines 7th Company
Master Captain Vash Thalion
-Master Crafted Plasma Pistol, Iron Halo, Artificer Armor, Power Weapon, melta bombs, terminator honors.
Master of Sanctity Chaplain Claudius
-bolt pistol, terminator honors, jump pack, artificer armor
Tactical Squad Tyriel (10)
-Sergeant- Power Fist, Terminator Honors, bolt pistol, frag grenades
-9 Marines, frag grenades, meltagun
Tactical Squad Oscelo (10)
-Sergeant- terminator honors, power weapon, bolt pistol
-9 Marines, plasma gun, missil launcher
Tactical Squad Uriel (6)
-Sergeant- ccw, bolt pistol
-5 Marines, flamer
Assault Squad Herrion (5)
-Sergeant- Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Terminator Honors, melta bombs
-4 Marines, 2 Plasma Pistols, melta bombs
Devastator Squad Altaris (5)
-Sergeant- bolter
-4 Marines, lascannon, missil launcher

The total should be 1144. I cant remember the Eldar army properly my brother changes it every time.

One squad of rangers went in a building on the left and the other on the right. Reapers sat under the rangers on the right building with the starcannon guardians beneath them. The other squad of guardians was behind the left building next to the banshees. One vyper was behind the right building the other on the left with the Falcon. The Farseer was next to the banshees on the left.

Devs went on the top floor of an administratum building in the middle of my deployment with tactical squad Oscelo beneath them. Squad Herrion with Chaplain Claudius went behind a building on the left and roughly between the two deployment zones. Squads Romus and Tyriel went right behind another biulding with Master Captain Thalion with squad Tyriel.

We used cityfight rules. I took Siege engineers and fortified building, my brother took ammo dump and fortified building. Ian fortified the building on the left and I fortified the administratum building.

Turn 1
I jumped the assault marines over the building they were sheltering behind. They had started exactly 18" away from the enemy rangers and would need a feat of luck to get a 6 and reach them on the third floor of the building. But I decided to take the risk. Squads Romus and Tyriel marched into the right building and managed to snap off a few shots at 12" range but not many. Two dark reapers fell to devastators fire. The Assault marines luckily made their charge though only two could make it too the top. The sergeant and another marine but it was enough and the Rangers were slaughtered. The squad consolidated 3" into the Howling Banshees.

The Skimmers, reapers and rangers took a tole on the marines. Two Devastators fell and squad Romus was cut down to a man. The Falcon and left Vyper skimmed down the left edge of the board toward my lines and the second Guardian squad ran for it right. In assault the banshees killed 3 Assault marines But the Chaplain butchered them. However the Farseer had also been cought in the combat and the assault piled in.


Turn 2
Two more reapers fell and the Exarch took a wound but the rest of the Fire was ineffectual. In assault the Chappy cut down the Farseer and he and the two surviving assault marines consolidated down towards the skimmers.

The skimmers shot down the two remaining assault marines but were not able to wound the chaplain. Another devastator fell to sniper fire but they stayed together. Squad Tyriel took fire but none of its marines fell.


Turn 3
The Chaplain Ran jumped out of the building right and assaulted the fleeing guardians catching them and cutting them down wholesale. They failed moral but with no units still locked they fled and wouldnt be coming back. The chappy consolidated into the guardians with the support weapon platform. Before that the Devs and squad Oscelo fired on the Falcon but managed nothing more than to blow a gun off.

The Eldar skimmers shot as much as they could but did not manage to cause any wounds. The rangers and Reaper Exarch did not either luckily. The chaplain won combat with the guardians and cought them as they tried to flee then took a sweeping advance rolling a 6 and instead of locking with the exarch hit the rangers up top.

Turn 4
Captain Vash shot down the reaper Exarch with his plasma pistol and Chaplain Claudius wiped out the rangers. The falcon still refused to go down under intense fire.

Seeing his army all but gone my conceded the game.

All in all this battle proved little my brother made the same mistakes he had been doing. he tailors his list every time and thus does not learn to use his units consistently. Ah well. I tried to counter this by being more rash than usual to make it fair but my luck proved good and the risky attacks succeeded. Well nothing for that but oh well.

Now some fluff:

Captain Thalion kicked an Eldar corpse onto its back. The body had been brutally cut down by Chaplain Claudius' brash attack into the Eldar lines. The suicide assault had cost many of Squad Herrion's lives. Luckily Veteran Sergeant Herrion himself and another of his marines would live but the other 3 brothers of the squad were dead, hacked apart by the power weapons of the Eldar witches or blown apart by high power weapon blasts. Chaplain Claudius himself had escaped unharmed though it would take many hours of work by the chapters artificers to fully repair the Chaplain's armor. Fire team Romus had also suffered badly and brother Romus would live but only with some severe augmetics. Sergeant Altaris and his fire team suffered even worse and most of his men would not fight again either having taken a heavy barage of fire from the sinister Dark Reapers. Many had fallen but the Eldar dead was staggering.

"The Eldar suffered greatly this day." Proclaimed Claudius approaching Captain Vash Thalion.

"Indeed they did. We did not escape lightly though. Too many of our battle brothers fell this day for my liking Claudius, you were wreckless."

"My appologies Captain but you cannot argue with results."

"I know my friend, its just the codex teaches more restraint in this situation. We must be mindful to keep such heriocs to a minimum." Vash said sheathing his sword. "By the way where did you say you felled the Eldar Farseer?"

"Over there on the bottom floor of that manufactorum." Claudius said indicating a building on the north western edge of the small valley complex."

Nodding Captain Vash walked to the building carefully stepped inside on the shifting rubble. The structure had been badly damaged before the fight and after Squad Herrion's brutal destruction of its barricades and fortifications the structure was even less stable now. The body of the Farseer lay amid a pile of Eldar dead his sword shattered and flesh torn. Kneeling at the side of the Eldar warrior Vash inspected his effects for evidence of why the Eldar had attacked. He vaguely recognized some of the runes and markings on the Eldar vehicles but none had been downed and they had taken off with the slaughter of their ground forces. Slowly he pulled a gold engraved pendant from a small pouch at the Farseer's side. The metal seemed to resist his touch and exuded a powerful aura. It was all Captain Thalion could do to resist destroying it as soon as he could.

"What did you find sir?"

Spinning Vash recognized Sergeant Tyriel the massive bulk of his power fist hanging deactivated over his right arm.

"Ah Sergeant, tell me do you recognize this symbol?" Asked Vash holding up the pendant.

"No sir but the chapters Librarians might help. Perhaps we should return to Macragge. We are in desperate need of fresh supplies and reinforcements." Sergeant Tyriel said simply.

"Indeed we have been away from our homeworld for too long and have losses to replace. Perhaps it would be best if we did return, come sergeant let us gather our comrades and prepare to depart."

Outside the fighting fit marines of the 7th Company waited at attention. They were painfully few recently having suffered heavily in past engagements. Indeed Captain Thalion had been sent to take command because the 7th was so badly understrength. It would take time for the company to heal but until then they still had a job to do. For now though it was time to seek answers.

I hope you enjoyed the report. As always questions and comments are appreciated.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Old Hatreds, 1150pt Marines vs Eldar (with pics)

Wait so you can Mastercraft Plasma Pistols, i always thought they couldn't be... ???
Trying is the first step towards failure...

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Default Re: [BatRep] Old Hatreds, 1150pt Marines vs Eldar (with pics)

Originally Posted by Synergy
Wait so you can Mastercraft Plasma Pistols, i always thought they couldn't be... ???
You can mastercraft any weapon but gernades so yes you can master-craft a plasma pistol. May I ask what made you think you couldn't?
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Default Re: [BatRep] Old Hatreds, 1150pt Marines vs Eldar (with pics)

Possibly the thought that the plasma pistol is a gun providing the destinction but nevertheless it can be master crafted. Actually on the same note a bolt pistol can be master crafted aswell and a ccw too. Why you would ever want to do that escapes me but you can.

What makes master crafting a plasma pistol a good idea is that you get to re-roll a to hit. Thus if you roll a 1 for instance on the to hit you can re-roll that and, unless the dice gods hate you, avoid taking a wound. Add artificer armor to that and there is very little chance of actually taking a wound on your high priced commander.

However after this battle Ive decided to drop the plasma pistol and the artificer armor and those will save me 50pts. For that Ill just get a storm bolter and leave it at that. As this battle further demonstrated the chaplain is the monster attacker so Im leaving that to him and letting the commander keep a support role and keep the cost down.

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