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What to get next
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Default What to get next

I play DA and currently have one 9 man tactical squad with heavy bolter+flamer, one 6 man tactical squad with missile launcher, a 6 man scout squad with missile launcher, a rhino, landspeeder tornado with assault cannon and heavy bolter, predator with lascannons, 5 man devastator squad, 5 man termie squad and a master in terminator armor + librarian. I want to expand the army so I can do okay against horde armies. I also occasionally use grey knight termies
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Default Re: What to get next

what i think you need is more tactical marines, a dread and an assault squad just so you have more actual meat in your army. i'd get the tactical marines first then the assault squad then the dread.
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Default Re: What to get next

first, you can't use grey knights in a dark angels army. They aren't allowed any allies whatsoever.

next you need to fill us in on what you have a little better. your troop choices are ok, and so is your landspeeder and predator (although against horde based armies I would take the heavy bolter sponsons). But you don't mention what weapons are in your devastator squad or your terminators. since you are facing horde armies a lot (at least it sounds like it from your post) I would go with assault cannons for the termies and heavy bolters for the devastators.

I'm also thinking that you might not want to use the rhino in your army, and you might want to drop your 9 man squad by a guy or two, which those two should immediately report to your devastator squad for ablative wound allocation.

I would also be interested in which powers you are giving your librarian as fear the darkness and fury of the ancients usually seem to do well against hordes.

As far as adding to your list, I think its more a matter of taste. your list seems like it runs toward a more shooty slant so maybe a whirlwind and another landspeeder. assault squads are always good, as are more troop choices.

If we were to literally go down the list from elite to troop to fast to heavy I would say something like this:

elite: another unit of termies or a dread, maybe a techmarine as they can be really handy in the right circumstance.

troop: to fill out all six I would go with a total of 4 tactical and 2 scout. since you already have half of that it shouldn't be a real problem to pick up the rest.

fast: you might want to look into what ravenwing has to offer. assault squads are always good, but ravenwing has some really cool things available (like a landspeeder tornado with multi melta and assault cannon, the only army that can have that tornado mix)

heavy: for hordes whirlwind, more devastators and predator destructors.
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Default Re: What to get next

Well, since you play Dark angels, there are quite a few things you could do.
Some bikes would fit nicely with your force. Also the trademark of DA is the plasmacannons. (Well, now everybody can have them but still).
Further, some more tac squads one or two more should do it. Another rhino,
and 5 more termies. (I find that they work better in full teams).
I hope this helps a bit.
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Default Re: What to get next

a ten squad of tactical marines and a ten squad of assault marines, that should be good, then if your not going to put your 6-man tactical squads into a razorback then flesh them out to 10 man squads, same goes for your 9-man squad.
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Default Re: What to get next

actually, now that I think about it if you get an assault unit, remember to upgrade the sergeant to veteran and give him stubborn. All you need is to be shot at and have the intractable keep your assault marines pinned down for a turn or two. I would almost consider that a game loser.
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