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Battle Honors/Awards
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Default Battle Honors/Awards

Well now that my new marines are getting some battles under their belts Ive started thinking about how to mark significant feats, campaigns fought etc. I was thinking purity seals but the Commanders cloak and perhaps the Chaplains jump pack are the only places to put such things and Im not sure how they would look after they start to increase in number. I used the transfers for bonding knifes for my Tau but they had the space for a few memorable marks, Im having a harder time finding such open spaces on my marines. So what do you guys do when you want to put an award on a character who has done well in a game?

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Default Re: Battle Honors/Awards

have it right on the edge on the shoulder pad like on the flat bottom part, or on the side of the lower leg. theres space for ya
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Default Re: Battle Honors/Awards

I have seen purity seals covering almost every part of the SM. I put a seal on the Chainsword of my Company Champion. It looks really good.
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Default Re: Battle Honors/Awards

I've seen the heraldry shields added to various models through out a force used for this purpose. The legs have plenty of room for seals and you could always add a company standard bearer to the force purely for fluff. Not to mention the banner poles could have scenes painted on them to show off "big" events.

Personally I don't bother with adding things like this to my models... but thats mainly because I haven't been a part of anything that I would consider significant enough.
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Default Re: Battle Honors/Awards

I'm remodelling Squad Krull soon (Terminator squad). They've performed consistantly well throughout the battles they've been a part of, more often than not they have been the deciding factor to a game and in one game they single handedly obliterated nearly half of the enemy force. So I figured it's about time I upgraded their crusty, battered old right shoulder pads to spiffy new ones bearing carved Imperial Fists icons. I'm also bestowing upon them the Crux Argentum as a unit citation in place of their Crux Terminatus' (should make them stand out in a massive Terminator assault). For this, I will be using Forge World's Terminator shoulder pads.

As for tactical marines though...I dunno, you could reverse their shoulder pad colours, or paint their helmets in 'veteran' colours? Alternatively, you could attempt to remove their left shoulder pad and refit them with one bearing the Crux Terminatus? That will probably mean removing the whole arm though. You could make it something as simple as tally marks on their bolters?
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Default Re: Battle Honors/Awards

Alright Ive been thinking and come up with some ideas that you can do with your bits box.

Ceremonial Knife- Awarded for some outrageous feat.

Chest Medal (there are 4 types that come with the command box, small things to add to the commanders chest). You can award one of these for killing a large number of foes over time, perhaps once your commander has killed 100 enemies.

Purity Seal- One awarded for each campaign and/or tournament fought in.

Gold Armor Plate- Perhaps in recognition of going a certain number fo battles without falling.

Those are just some of my ideas. Anyone else got some of their own?

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Default Re: Battle Honors/Awards

Check this out for some inspiration:


Good luck with those!
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