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What is your favourite HQ Character?
View Poll Results: What is your favourite HQ Character?
Master 16 25.81%
Captain 8 12.90%
Master of Sanctity 17 27.42%
Reclusiarch 9 14.52%
Epistolary 7 11.29%
Codicier 5 8.06%
Voters: 62. You may not vote on this poll

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Default What is your favourite HQ Character?

So... What is your favourite HQ Character?

Vote away and maybe care to explain why it is your favourite HQ Character?

(All these Poll's are put as links in the Space Marines Army Guide)
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Default Re: What is your favourite HQ Character?

The Master of Sanctity comes a close first over the Epistolary: He's a lot cheaper, and if used correctly, he can be even more devistating. Give him a jump pack and stick him in a unit of 10 assault marines. The ammount of damage this unit can do is increadable.
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Default Re: What is your favourite HQ Character?

I prefer the master, points wise he is the best. really good stats, the rites of battle rules. hes got it all 8)
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Default Re: What is your favourite HQ Character?

Well, I play old Codex, so I chose MoS as a Chaplain. I have 3 Chaplains, 2 in my Templar army [1 with Termie Armor], and I just bought a jump-pack for my just-started Raven Guard army [pics will be soon]. I like the idea of a jump-pack Chappie, as he can really bring the full force of his deadly attacks and statline, along with great weapons and an Invulnerable save to work. I love the idea of a MoS screaming towards the enemy with a pack on his back and 10 Raven Guard Assault Marines behind him.

I've never used a Librarian [I played BT] but I am thinking about purchasing one for my Raven Guard, just for the model. Then again, a Librarian is a great unit... I'm not sure how it does in 4th, but in 3rd Edition it was pretty powerful.

Commanders and Masters are always fun, I like them because you can make them completely unique, with special weapons, gear, and equipment, they're fun to make and to use.

In the end, though, I'd go with a Chaplain.

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Default Re: What is your favourite HQ Character?

I voted for the Master. A single HQ who can boost the leadership of the entire army to 10 is incredible. The Master of Sanctity can easily become a close combat beast and a Librarian has its uses but I just find they dont compare to the simple effectiveness and leadership boost the Master brings. Thats just my oppinion though.

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Default Re: What is your favourite HQ Character?


I really like Codiciers. Before that, I'm a big Captain Fan, but lately, I'm even more enamored with the Codiciers. Too much utility for me to pass up. My reason though, is because I often employ my Space Marine character as a Death Watch Kill Team Commander. I like the Codicier very much, because of two powers: Fury of the Ancients and Fear of the Darkness. My Death Watch faces Xenos most often, and because of that, I make a big use of those powers and the squad's Drop Pod. With the new FAQ, Fury of the Ancients just got even better. It does not require line of sight any more. None at all. It just goes and goes until it hits one of the defined constructs that would end the power. I can hit hidden units and units which normally require line of sight (sniper drones beware! stealths beware! hidden mortar teams, beware!). I just like this more and more. And fear of the darkness is simply one of my favorite powers, so naturally, I like the character that uses it best and cheapest.

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Default Re: What is your favourite HQ Character?

Master of Sanctity,can be a deadly assault unit.I love chaplins and there fluff.A Master of Sanctity w/jump pack is a devastating assault unit,also with termi honor he can be with assault terminators which can also be a deadly assault unit.
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Default Re: What is your favourite HQ Character?

I'm an oldskool Flesh Tearer Librarian player since back in the day...and they're a firm part of my army's fluff. For other armies, I'd advise a cheap Master of Sanctity with a bolt pistol and terminator honours...that's all the power weapon attacks you need.
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Default Re: What is your favourite HQ Character?

Wow...everyone loves the Master of Sanctity! Well, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to be different and say I prefer the Reclusiarch. Three wounds is great, especially in close combat, but I don't know whether I want to pay an extra 15 points for it. I like to keep my lists as lean as possible, maxing out only those units I have a particular affinity for, such as Revered Brother Vorn - My Venerable Dreadnought, or squad Krull - My tank hunting Termies.
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Default Re: What is your favourite HQ Character?

I have to go with the master, he doesn't cost an obscene amount of points, he's good in combat, and he gives everyone LD10, what more is there to say?
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