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[BatRep] Death to the Xenos, 2000pts Marines vs Eldar
Closed Thread
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Default [BatRep] Death to the Xenos, 2000pts Marines vs Eldar

Today an old friend of mine came over for a while and happened to bring his WIP Marines the Confessors and we decided it would be fun to ally against my brothers massive Eldar army in a 2 on 1 2000pt battle. With nowhere inside to set up we gathered all the tables we could and went outside. Putting the tables together and throwing a grey bedsheet over the tables we set up the terrain we had and began preparing our armies. The lists were as follows:

Ultramarines 7th Company
Master Captain Vash Thalion (ok so Im recycling a name from some old fluff of mine but Ive used it before elsewhere)
-Power Weapon, Master Crafted Plasma Pistol, Terminator Honors, Melta Bombs, Frag Grenades, Iron Halo, Artificer Armor

Reclusiarch Chaplain Claudius
-Crozius Arcanum, Rosarius, bolt pistol, jump pack, melta bombs, frag grenades

Tactical Squad Tyriel (10)
Sergeant- Power Fist, Terminator Honors, bolt pistol, frag grenades
-9 Marines, frag grenades, meltagun

Tactical Squad Oscelo (5)
Sergeant- terminator honors, power weapon, bolt pistol
-4 Marines, plasma gun

Tactical Squad Ramus (5)
Sergeant, bolter
-4 Marines, missil launcher

Fast Attack
Assault Squad Herrion (5)
Sergeant- Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Terminator Honors, melta bombs
-4 Marines, 2 Plasma Pistols, melta bombs

Devastater Squad Altaris (5)
Sergeant- bolter
-4 Marines, lascannon, missil launcher

Confessors 1st Company
See but Dont be Seen, Suffer not the Works of Heretics
Master Uriel
-Artificer armor, iron halo, jump pack, terminator honors, pair of lightning claws, melta bombs, frag grenades, teleport homer

Tactical Squad Primus (5)
Sergeant, terminator honors, combi plasma
-4 Marines, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon, infiltrate, tank hunters

Tactical Squad Secundus (5)
Sergeant, terminator honors, combi plasma
-4 Marines, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon, infiltrate, tank hunters

Assault Squad (8)
Sergeant, terminator honors, power weapon, bolt pistol, combat shield
-7 Marines, Plasma Pistol x2, melta bombs

Venerable Dreadnaught Nathanael
Assault Cannon, Dreadnaught Close Combat Weapon, Heavy Flamer, Furious Assault, Venerable, Extra Armor

Vindicator (Angelus Irae)
Extra Armor

Vanilla Eldar
Mind War, Fortune, Guide, spirit stones, ghost helm, witchblade, shurken pistol and probably something else

Warp Spiders (7)
Exarch, power blades

Howling Banshees (7)
Exarch, executioner and some ability thingy

Wraithguard (5)
Warlock, witchblade
-Wave Serpent, twin linked pulse laser (I think) and some other gear

Guardian Defender Squad (10)
-support weapon platform, starcannon

Guardian Storm Squad (8)
-Warlock, enchance, Flamer x2

Rangers 1 (5)

Rangers 2 (5)

Guardian Jetbike Squadron (3)
-Shuriken Cannon

Vyper 1
Bright Lance, CTM

Vyper 2
Starcannon, CTM

Dark Reapers (5)
Exarch, eldar missil launcher, fast shot

Falcon 1
pulse laser, starcannon, CTM and some other stuff.

Falcon 2
pulse laser, starcannon, CTM and some other stuff

Alrighty well the board had a small manufactorum in the right of the Marine Deployment zone, a long bunker on the left. A smaller building above that and a giant administratum at the center. There was also another Imperial structure in the upper left and a small grey building in the upper right aswell as a small comm bunker thing in the middle of the Eldar deployment zone.

A falcon bearing the Farseer went behind the upper left building with the banshees and both vypers. The guardians with support weapon went on the second floor of that building with the Dark Reapers on the top. The other falcon went behind the building on the left with the storm guardians on its bottom floor and the rangers infiltrated on the second and third floors of that building with the Warp spiders behind it and slightly to the left of it. The jetbikes went behind the comm station in the center with the Wave Serpent slightly to its left.

The Devastators and Tactical squad Romus went in the building on the lower right with tactical squads Tyriel and Oscelo in the middle as close to the administratum as possible with Master Captain Thalion with squad Tyriel. Assault Squad Herrion and the Confessors assault squad aswell as Master Uriel and Chaplain Claudius attatched to their own companies squads. The ven dread went infront of them and the Vindicator to the left of Tactical Squad Tyriel. One of the confessors squads infiltrated into the top floor of the Administratum building the other into the forward building on the left.

First before I get to the battle a short bit of fluff:

Once again Captain Vash Thalion found himself cleaning up others mess. Only this time he was not alone in doing so. The Confessors a rather odd bunch of marines that were rumoured to be a lost crusade of Black Templars now fighting for the Ordo Hereticus had already been on the planet when the Ultramarines 7th Company had arrived. The fighting had been fierce and the Confessors had already been unders strength upon arrival. Master Uriel had welcomed the Ultramarines aid readily and together the combined force of marines had set off. The planet had been under attack by Eldar Raiders for several years but only recently had they come in force and the Space Marines were there to see them off and protect the loyal citizens of the Emperor. Death to the Xenos!

Turn 1
With the chance to let fly we did, the assault marines moved forward behind the building on the left staying as well out of sight as they could. The Dreadnaught went left aswell firing its assault cannon on the reapers and downing 3 of them. Tactical Squads Tyriel and Oscelo marched into the bottom floor of the Administratum building Oscelo's squad moving up a floor aswell. The Vindicator move diagonally forward left. Shooting saw the Vindicator down several guardians on the left, the Devastators wiff firing on the Jetbikes but squad Romus' missil marine fired a frag and killed two of the bikers. The Confessors tac squads opened up downing another Dark Reaper and yet more of the Guardians on the left.

The Vypers and Falcons used the CTM to harass the marines and the rangers combined killed several of the Devastators and a few of the confessors tactical marines. The Dreadnaught was also immobolized and its assault cannon destroyed. The Vindicator was also blown up by the Wave Serpent. The Warp Spiders jumped forward, failed to cause any cassaulties then only fell back 6".

Turn 1 Comments
Well the first turn saw the Eldar and marines bloodied a little but all in all things were still fairly even all around. Hopefully the assault marines would now hit home and tear up the Eldar left flan. If too many were cut down by the Banshees or even worse if they did not make it into combat and were left open to all that high str, low ap fire from those skimmers and the Exarch well... they would be doomed.

Turn 2
The Assault Marines jumped forward getting very close to the Eldar lines but it would still take a lucky difficult terrain role to get into combat and survive. Elsewhere the Wave Serpent went down spectacularly taking 3 of the Wraithguard with it. 4 of the Warp Spiders dropped to fire. In the assault phase both assault squads made it into combat with the Banshees. The banshees and the exarch took a tole on the Confessors assault marines but in return Chaplain Claudius and Master Uriel butchered the Banshees completely and both squads consolidated into the guardian defenders. Still locked in combat they were safe from return fire thankfully.

The Eldar rangers took a toll on the Marines as did their tanks doing their best they dropped all but the Plasma Gunner in the Confessors squad on the Administratum building and left only 3 left on the left, they also dropped two marines from Squad Tyriel and one from squad Romus but all moral and pinning tests were passed, the marines stood their ground. The Tanks/skimmers on the left seeing the devastation wrought by the assault marines fell back and away from the building leaving their cover to try and escape being melta bombed, shot with plasma pistols or in other ways torn apart. In assault the guardians were torn to pieces. Master Uriel and his confessors consolidated into the Exarch and Squad Hurrion and Chaplain Claudius moved towards the falcon which had gone right along the board edge. The Warp spiders had run left behind the comm station.

Turn 2 Comments
Now things are getting ugly. Despite some nasty losses to the confessors firebase and some of my marines going down aswell the Eldar left flank was rapidly collapsing and once it went the firepower of the remianing marines would turn its focus on the Eldar right flank. The Hammer had fallen and the Eldar had not held. Time to finish the job.

Turn 3
Squad Hurrion and Chaplain Claudius moved right behind the Falcon and shot it with their plasma pistols destroying both its main guns and stunning it. Each of the Confessors tac squads took down a Vyper. The Devs shot at the Rangers killing a few as did Tac squads Tyriel and Oscelo leaving one squad at 1 man and killing 2 from the other. Tac squad Romus shot down the last jetbike. In assault the Ultramarines Assault Troops and Claudius charged the Falcon. The Chaplain's melta bomb took out its last gun but it was the sergeant's power fist that destroyed the Falcon. With the only exit blocked the Farseer inside was instantly killed. The Dark Reaper Exarch was slaughtered by Master Uriel whos confessors then consolidated to join squad Hurrion behind the Falcon to use its cover.

The Eldar left flank utterly annihilated in the space of two turns and the right flank already getting nicely shot up decided to cut their losses and flee the field. A Solid Victory to the Space Marines!

After Action Comments
Sean (me)
Alright my marines saw action and kicked some Eldar behind. The Assault Marines carefully timed attack ripped apart the Eldar left flank while the Firebase I put up kept the Eldar busy and did damage. Ontop of that my tac squads and Master Captain had gotten into position to lay down some heavy fire on the Eldar right flank. Facing that my brother decided that to continue fighting would be a futile attempt and gave up. All in all I was very pleased with how things went, the battle went exactly to plan. Pierce (my ally) is deffinetly showing improvement and did not dissapoint in holding up his end of the battle. So all in all it was a very good fight, a good game overall and the first win for my new Ultramarines. The army has been blooded and has held up just fine. Im still getting used to playing as Marines and not against them but its proving a fun experience. Now onto the next fight.

Pierce (Confessors)
Memento Mori!!!! No seriously, the Confessors did me proud today, especially the tactical squads whose fire support REALLY helped the assault squads' push. Combined with the might of the Ultramarines my friend and I cut into the eldar horde with the precision and accuracy of a scalpel. I hope to fight alongside this bad mofo again, we made a pretty good team (at least I think so LOL)

Ian (Eldar)
i had it going for me with the shooting and would have won a shoot off. but it was not meant to be and those flying meltabombing marines got to me from where i could not hit them too bad! i look forward to a re match

Well there you have it. Comments and questions and even critisism are always appreciated. What did you guys think?

btw I also have a good few pictures but I am having trouble uploading them. Ill see about getting them up and added a little later tonight. And on that note a little more fluff.

"Well Captain, your men fought well today, I do not think they Eldar shall return. With their Farseer dead and their forces so badly mauled they will depart. The Eldar are not fools." Master Uriel said his mechanical wings folding behind his back as he dropped to the ground lightly infront of Captain Thalion.

"Still I would not put it past these vile xenos. It would probably be best if we swept the system and make sure they are gone." Captain Thalion replied grasping Master Uriel's arm in a warriors embrace.

"You are probably right Captain. In our short time fighting together Ive seen that the Ultramarines reputation is well deserved."

"Likewise I can see that your Confessors are valiant and worthy warriors." Vash replied.

"With any luck we shall fight side by side again, until then I believe you have other bussiness to attend to. The Confessors can finish up here. Thank you for your aid Captain." Master Uriel said with a salute.

"Indeed I hope we shall. Farewell Master Uriel."

An hour later the Ultramarines 7th Company was on its way heading to the source of yet another distress call. The Galaxy was full of problems and someone had to fix them. That someone was in this case at least the Ultramarines 7th Company. It was time to fix yet another.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Death to the Xenos, 2000pts Marines vs Eldar

Nice Battle report, congratulations on your first victory with your Ultramarines!

You guys showed those Xenos scum who is the boss in town.

I like it that you put some piece of fluff in there too. I'm looking forward in seeing those pictures.

Now get your Marines in shape for their second victory!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Death to the Xenos, 2000pts Marines vs Eldar

Well as I wait for the images to upload to photobucket so I can give the links Ill say thanks for the support and give a little update. The chappy is the only thing left to paint and other than that I jsut have the basses to do. Then my army is mainly done for now. To increase it Ill next most likely be adding a unit of Tyranid Veterans, Sergeant with a power weapon and storm bolter, 4 marines with bolters and one marine with a heavy bolter. This squad will be for anti infantry to shore up the firebase that supports the mobile element of my army which will next be in some strong need of strengthening perhaps with a land speeder and Ill also need to add a couple more heavy weapons, probably another lascannon and a plasma cannon. When thats done I might just cool my heels for christmas as I know now that GW has gift cards thats likely to be what I get and then Ill get the new megaforce, a Dread, Pred, more marines, more assaults and the razorback aswell as the bits and weapons would be a nice way to boost the army over 2000pts and be fairly balanced. *checks uploading images* well thats still chewing so back to reading for a while. There are 15 pictures and they are fairly big so Ill just link to them.

Ah hah finally ok so the pics:

The table at the middle of turn 1

Another pic of the table and my bro showing the marines movements turn 1

A picture of some of the Eldar defenders

The Marine attack force

The Marine Defencive line and some cassualties over in the corner

The Eldar middle and left

The Hammer ready to fall

and the Hammer falling

The eldar falling apart

The desperate Eldar survivers

The Eldar left crushed

Game Over

Oh and a pic of my ally Pierce's Shirt and my bro in the middle of some supposedly interesting rant


So there you have it at last the pictures for the above battle.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Death to the Xenos, 2000pts Marines vs Eldar

Thanks for bringing up those pictures from the battle.

Nice to see that your marines are coming along great and are getting more men.
What is your plan, are you going for an all out infantry army? Or are you doing a mix of infantry and armoured?

I also use an infantry only army. For 1500 points its about 60 - 65 marines. In my experience it works better then having some vehicles added or pure mech style.

Feel free to post your army list in the army lists board or to ask some questions on how to improve your Ultramarines.

Also, nice to see that you have painted them up so quickly. I thought you only started them recently?
Good job!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Death to the Xenos, 2000pts Marines vs Eldar

Indeed I started them recently, only a few weeks ago infact I cant remember the exact date, but I really dont like to play with unpainted models. So sometimes when I know Ill have a game coming up Ill push on into the night and might be up painting till 2, 3AM or even later. Theres been times where I buy a new tank one day and 2 days later working after school and in the evening its assembled, primed and painted for the game that weekend. I also got the Chaplain painted last night and he looks pretty good. I need to get more paints my selection is very limited currently.

As for the army I might get some armor but not for now. I have 2250pts of Mechanized Tau and really like my tanks but I know the weaknesses and fallbacks of the Marine tanks too well to relly on them early on and especially not in small numbers. If I do what I plan and wait and save to expand my army using the mega battleforce 06 later this year that will give me some armor and I will probably expand on it but Im not going to go mech like my Tau but try and stay more infantry heavy and balanced. Maybe a few tanks but not many. Tons of Power Armro can be tough to budge where as a tank can go down to one shot.

I think I do have an armylist up in the sub forum but it needs tweaking and I might revise it sometime soon. Currently Ive got to prepare my army for transportation to college and maybe consider trying to bring some of my Tau. The Tau are way too big to take all of it but maybe a small force... hmm. Thats the problem with my Mech Tau, lugging around 9 vehicles and then the infantry ontop of that.

Anyway thanks for the comments, much appreciated.

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