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Please help
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Default Please help

I just started gaming and I have a Commander with and iron halo, lighting claw, and a combi plasma bolter. I have fifteen Space marines with a flamer, melta, plasma gun, and Missile launcher. Also my sergeant has a plasma pistol. What should I get next?
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Default Re: Please help

If you want to use all those you either need to take the trait that allows two assault weapons or you need 3 squads of 5. I would suggest getting another tactical squad and then a heavy support. Also your commander has a strong cc weapon and a shooting weapon. I would suggest either a cheap power weapon or cc weapo and the combi bolter or change that to a pistol. Also the combi plasma gets only one shot per game so I would personally either take a storm bolter or a pistol.

What you want now are two things, mobility and heavy weapons. If you want vehicles Id suggest a Predator and a Land Speeder or two. Or if you want infantry an assault squad and devastators.

Other than that what do you want your army to do? How do you want to play the game? Those things are the two questions you should keep in mind when building your army.

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Default Re: Please help

if ypu have the codex already (I assume you have but you'd be suprised....) then i would get some Devastator or an assault squad, then buy another box of tactical marines and a dreadnought. After that buy whatever you want depending on your opponent
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