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defeating Nercons
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Default defeating Nercons

I have been playing a campaign with my friend and he uses necrons. He is kicking my butt. If you can help a fellow battle brother that is great.
Thanks agian.
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Default Re: defeating Nercons

Ah a fight against Necrons. Well first things first what is your army composed of and what models do you have and how do you use them? Secondly the same for your opponent. What is his army composed of, what models does he have and how does he use them?

We can give you better advise the more information you give us to work with.

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Default Re: defeating Nercons

by the way a tip on defeating any necrons is power weapons and loads of 'em. also assault cannons help as well as plasma. don't worry to much abot things like monoliths, spyders, c'tan, scarabs and pariahs (if he has any) and concentrate your fire on his warriors, the Phase Out rule is something to keep in mind. this rule states that a necron army reduced to under 25% of "necron" models (necron meaning warriors, destroyers, flayed ones, immortals, wraiths and lords) dissapears from the battle field in an errie scilence granting victory to the other player, all models dissapear. >

also if you post your army and his army and a quick bit on your tactics i and others would be able to help a lot more.

(sorry mods if i'm not able to post rules deffenitions i will remove it if its a problem)
Their numbers are legion, their name is Death. if this is so, then why do they say in the necron codex that their numbers were dwindling almost to the point of extinction.

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Default Re: defeating Nercons

750 point army list
Command Squad

Commander with Bolt Pistol and power sword, Artificer Armor– 96 points

Standard Bearer – 40 points

Apothecary – 40 points

Champion, Artificer Armour – 55 points

Space Marine with Plasma gun – 25 points

Tactical squad one

7 Space Marines – 105 points

Space Marine with Missile Launcher – 25 points

Space Marines with Flamer – 21 points

Sergeant with Power fist– 17 points

Tactical squad two

8 Space Marines – 120 points

1 Space marine with Melta gun- 25

Sergeant – 20 points

Heavy weapons squad

Space Marine with Missile Launcher – 25 points

Space Marine with heavy Bolter – 20 points

Space Marine with Melta gun – 25 points

Space Marine with Bolter -15 points

Space Marine with Assault Cannon- 15 points

Razorback with Twin linked Las-cannon, Dozer blade - 95

that is my are army the list for the campiagn and i will get my friends army list.
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Default Re: defeating Nercons

Heh...well first things first, bud, you really want to get your codex out and check some of these points. You've got some kind of 'wacky prices' troops there.

Also, 'Space Marine with Assault Cannon'? Something's wrong here...can you tell me what?

Take a flick through your codex, do one unit at a time and determine such things as what resrictions are there on wargear. You need to ask yourself what units can be given what weapons and equipment.

For example, your Champion can't have Artificer Armour, and your Devastator squad can't take a meltagun. There are many more errors in here, those are just a couple. Have a read, get a feel for it, and come back to us with any questions regarding things you're unclear on. We'll certainly help you refine your list and help you weed out weaknesses, but don't make us do all the work for you. You've really got to learn the basics first.
Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
When all was finished, the battlefield was a smoking crater. UDC, Valoran, US Army, Tau, the Nazis, a random pirate ship, and a bunch of ninjas, all were enemies to the Vulture. All were turned into scrap metal. Or plastic. Depends which game system you play.
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