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Buying question?
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Default Re: Buying question?

I take this in my assault squads

Sarge w/ power fist and bolt pistol
9 marines w/ bolt pistols and CCWs, two w/ plasma pistol. it costs, I think, 265pts or around about that. I take two of them in 1500+ pts game and one in all the others.

I sometimes deep strike one or both in secruse and control missions and take and hold misions.
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Default Re: Buying question?

From the looks of it, I would also go with an Assault squad, but it really depends on the amount of points you play. And your play style, I tend to change my play styles to make things interesting for my opponents. Sometimes I am very assault orientated, sometimes, I am a stand and shoot type of guy.

Assault squads with Jump Pack get pretty expensive points and cost wise. So if you play under a 1000 points, I really would not recommend them, because you need at least 7 to 8 marines to really make a dent and at a 1000 points that is over 25% of your force in just one unit.

I see some people recommend Plasma pistols, flamers or Powerfists. It will really depends on who you play most. But it's hard to go wrong with a powerfist, since that guys is going to be knocking dudes into orbit with it. Plus a PF on a I4 guy really does not waste him versus a I5 guy who you may want to go first with a Power weapon.

If you play a lot of marines, terminators and such, plasma pistols do rock!

Do you really need a Dred, Predator, or rhino?

No, you could drop the Razroback and go all marines until you can field two or more vehicles. You see with one vehicle, it will get waxed very quickly since it is the only target.

I have played against a few all Marine armies and they are pretty tough when they are done right.

Good Luck
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