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Plasma or no Plasma
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Default Plasma or no Plasma

Well Ive been messing with the equipment of my tactical marine sergeants. I decided one squad would move forward to engage and the other would hang back. However Im contemplating what to do with the sergeants guns. A Plasma pistol can add some nice punch to a squad but it is dangerous on an expencive model. Thus what would you suggest doing with the sergeants gear in a shooty or cc squad?

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Default Re: Plasma or no Plasma

ok, first let me state, I love plasma pistols. However in a shooty based squad they are not worth taking as the basic bolter that the sergeant comes with would be preferred. as for a close combat squad, it depends on how many points you can afford to use and what army you are facing. if you are going against a MEQ army and can afford the extra cost then by all means. mixed with a plasma pistol it is very nasty. Then again lets say you are facing guard, its overkill considering you could have saved a lot of points and just taken the bolt pistol that the sarge can have for free.

now a lot of people think that they aren't worth the points or the inherent risk involved. Thats more of a subjective matter, as I have personally found my veteran sergeants with plasma pistol and power fist, while expensive, have always more than made their points back. and the chance that you will suffer the unfortunate misfire is roughly 17% with a 66% chance of saving it so roughly a 5% chance of a horrible accident from firing one. if the 5% chance of losing the sergeant is worth it to you then go for it.
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Default Re: Plasma or no Plasma

Im going for a take all comers list. One tac squad has a missil launcher and plasma gun to stay static and fire at long range. Their sergeant has a power weapon and bolt pistol as I find a power weapon is nice for detering assault for the squad and can help get rid of any nasties that try to tie them up. The other squad has a melta gun and serg with power fist and bolt pistol. The only serg I have that currently runs plasma is the assault sergeant and the squad runs 2 more. However Im considering giving either the melta tac squad or the missil and plasma squad a plasma pistol aswell as I do have the points to play with right now.

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Default Re: Plasma or no Plasma

Long range shooty squads=bolter over plasma pistol, close combat assaulty squads=plasma pistol over bolter.

Assault squads are meant to get up close, where the range of the plasma pistol will not be as much of an issue, while in shooting squads you are going to be out of range of its effective use throughout most of the game. If you're going to be charging into close combat you might as well spend 15 points for this:

+Doubled strength.
+Nah unmatchable armour piercing.
+Better then a bolter when moving (same range and you can still charge), and still holds the shoot+charge ability of a bolt pistol.
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Default Re: Plasma or no Plasma


I'm not a big fan of taking a plasma pistol on the sergs. It's already enough to be upgrading to even have the veteran serg. Then on top of that, buying a combat buff. Now, considering the cost of that particular model, shouldn't be taken into consideration. Because the points count towards the unit, since he's not indpendent, so who cares what he costs. The unit costs X and that's all that matters. My problem with the plasma, though, is simply how it adds more and more points. When I already had two extra weapons in there. And Having a unit that has 48", 24" and then 12" guns is giving it layers (which is useful), but ultimately you will never use all three. If you move, the missile is useless. If you don't move, the plasma pistol is generally useless. Most of the time, you'll find the plasma pistol doing nothing except putting a +1 attack on your profile, and that's it.

Plasma pistols are worthwhile, on squads who move quickly and will be close ranged often. This applies to mounted units, and more often, Drop Pod units.

However, stationary units with a heavy weapon? I wouldn't put a plasma pistol in there.
I would reserve those plasma pistols for Assault Marines models.

--- And if you are set on using plasma pistols, don't glue them. Use any means you can to make it non-permanent. I use small magnets personally, but whatever works for you is fine. Plasma can be useful from time to time. But don't make it a requirement on characters.

Keep your options open.

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