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[BatRep] Baptism of Fire, 1000pts Space Marines vs Orks
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Default [BatRep] Baptism of Fire, 1000pts Space Marines vs Orks

Well today I got to go to the hobby shop. One of, if not the, last times Ill get to go before heading off to college. Which is somewhat annoying as there was more variety of players there, few other SM and actually some rather cute gals which was a shock. The last time Ive seen a semi atractive girl anywhere near the place was.... well never. After waiting around a while I got a game going allied with a player that goes to my old school and had just started Space Wolves. All he had was a Grey Hunter squad and after getting pounded by chaos I decided to give him a hand vs a really quite good ork player. Sadly I had my camera today but kept forgetting to use it, ah well. The lists were as follows:

Ultramarines 7th Company
Master Captain Vash Thalion
-Master crafted plasma pistol, power weapon, terminator honors, adamantine mantle
Bought for leadership and to take on power fist wielding nasties if necessary
Reclusiarch Chaplain Claudius
-bolt pistol, crozius arcanum, rosarius, jump pack
To be attatched to the assault marines
Tactical squad Tyriel (10)
-terminator honors, power fist, meltagun
Designed to be on the offence I should have swapped the melta gun out for a heavy bolter, oh well hindsight sucks.
Assault Squad Herrion (5)
-terminator honors, power fist, plasma pistol, plasma pistol x2, melta bombs
Counter charge unit for the inevitable arrival of the orks in cc.
Devastator Squad Altaris (5)
-lascannon, missil launcher
To kill those kans.

Only one troop, the grey hunters made up the other.

Space Wolves Detatchment
Grey Hunters (10)
-power weapons x2, meltagun

Ork Waaagh
Im not really sure of the orks equipment overall Im not too familiar with them.
Warboss, power fist and probably more
Slugga Boyz 1 (20)
-Big shoota, sluggas and choppas, one heavy burna, nob with power fist
Slugga Boyz 2 (20)
-Big shootas x2, sluggas and choppas, nob with power fist
Grots (20... I think)
-Slaver and grots with grot rifles
Tank Bustas (10)
-Rocket Launcha x4
Killa Kan 1, rocket launcha, DCCW
Killa Kan 2, rocket launcha, DCCW
Killa Kan 3, rocket launcha, DCCW

The terrain had a small building in the lower left and a large one in the lower and upper right. A large bridge was in the center of the board and a handful of other small boulders strewn around. Between the two buildings on the right was a wrecked looted leman russ, poor tank hehe.

We set up in the building on the right. Grey Hunters sat on the bottom floor with captain Thalion behind them, assault marines and chappy went behind the building. Tac squad Tyriel went in the middle floor with the Devastators up top.

Orks put the grots in a long line infront with one slugga squad in the building, the other outside. The killa kans went in a line out front aswell spaced evenly down the line. Warboss sat with the squad outside. Tank bustas went to the left behind the bridge.

Turn 1:
Everything ran forward, the orks shot with the big shootas and downed one devastator.

Space Marines
Wow odd to be playing as the marines. The Devs took down the first killa kan which blew up a grot. 3 Orks were shot down with long range fire and another grot.

Turn 2:
Everything ran forward again, tac squad Tyriel lost a man to a rocket launcher but the devs lasted.

Space Marines
Now the orks started to die, the Devs failed to down another killa but 9 more orks were gunned down by bolter fire at long range.

Turn 3:
the orks kept coming, another devastator fell but nothing else.

Space Marines
Rapid fire rush time. Wolves marched to the edge of the building and opened up killing all but two orks from the second mob. Squad Tyriel killed a couple orks from the first mob and the devs downed the second kan.

Turn 4:
They kept on coming now in firing range they managed to kill 3 of the wolves.

Space Marines
Vash gunned down the last two of mob 2 with his plasma pistol, thanks to master crafting he avoided a wound from the gets hot and managed to kill both. the Devs couldnt take down the 3rd kan but the wolves took it out with a melta gun.

Turn 5
Now the hurting came. The orks charged and wiped out the wolves and consolidated into the assault marines, lots of power fist attacks but charge was over and the chaplain and commander were in the fight and Squad Tyriel waiting above.

Sadly the game had to end as my dad was chomping at the bit to leave. Ah well, I got chinese for dinner so its good. The battle was called a draw, more than half of the orks had been gunned down by now and all the kans were dead, however the wolves were gone and it was going to desolve into a firefight between the tank bustas and the devs and tacs and the assault marines and HQs fighting for their lives so it could have gone either way.

End Game Thoughts
A Draw is not so bad for the first battle, Im actually quite pleased with how my marines went. Too bad I didnt have a heavy bolter to throw in there, I did get a lascannon marine, the chappy and another tac squad today so that should help buff my numbers and let me use the macragge marines as devs for now. The heavier armor and better BS Ill have to get used to aswell as the weaker guns but Im happy with how things went. The ork player was no slouch and despite carefully assigned target priority, which actually held him at bay for two turns, he could have assaulted turn 3 if I hadnt managed to take down the front row repeatedly. Now its time to construct and paint my new additions and write up a 1000pt list to get things going. Im liking the army so far. Now its time to get my new site for them some content and hopefully some pics soon. I got complemented several times today on the paint job which was nice.

Anyway a short and simple battle, it was just seek and destroy so a simple report. Questions and comments always appreciated.

Now that thats done and I have some more time, some fluff:

The interrior of the gunship was cast in red by the lights set above the hatches giving the scene an odd, unreal look. Giant men in blue armor sat in steel seats, crash webbing strapped over their chests. The first signal to act came as a small ringing bell. The marines stood taking out their weapons and grabbing onto the overhead hand bars to steady themselves against the rocking of the ship. Deep shadows cast all around as the etherial figures readied themselves for battle. Captain Vash Thalion walked to the front of the marines standing before the assault ramp. He watched the door intently as the ship shuddered and jerked violently. Then it began.

The lights suddenly shifted from red to green and the ramps crashed down as the ship came to a hard landing its engines still roaring and its guns spitting death at the oncoming enemy. The marines charged down the ramp Captain Thalion at their head. Drawing his gleaming power sword and his elegantly crafted plasma pistol the captain directed his troops into positions. The Space Wolves were on the bottom floor of the nearest building. All that survived of this battle group.

The Ultramarines 7th Company had come to relieve a company of Space Wolves who had been fighting on this backwater world for a month. The capitol city was under attack by all manner of foes but the Imperium could not commit more men at this time. The 7th had come to relieve the sons of Fenris so that they could go join the fight on Medusa V. Captain Thalion felt a stab of envy that he was not beside his fellow astartes fighting on the doomed planet, but that was unavoidable. Someone had to pick up the pieces while the others went to seek glory. Sadly the wolves were not in a good position. This area was the far left flank of the Wolves line and had nearly collapsed. The regiment of guard sent ot aid the Wolves in this part of the city was already dead having been overrun not long ago. The survivng Space Wolves were barely holding out. It just meant that the Ultramarines 7th would have more of a challenge.

"Alright men take up firing positions with the sons of Fenris." Captain Thalion shouted, his power blade pointed towards the building his pistol sweeping the area for targets. When the Devastators and his Tactical marines were in position he walked up to Chaplain Claudius and the Assault marines of squad Herrion.

"Well met brother-captain." Claudius said saluting.
"Hold back behind the building old friend, when the orks get close, as they inevitably will, charge them and drive them back. Until then we will rely on the holy bolter to keep these aliens at bay.
"Of course captain, it shall be done."

With that Vash moved to join the Space Wolves.

"It is an honor to fight beside you Captain." Said the Fenrisian who seemed to be in charge.
"What is your status?" Captain Thalion asked in reply nodding to the warrior.
"The orks keep coming, we have held them at bay for over a day but we will not last much longer. Their warboss has arrived and he obviously intends to overrun us soon.
"I see, have faith in the Emperor my brother, we shall win this day."
"Blessed be the Emperor Captain."

Any further conversation was pointless as the orks had arrived. A heaving sea of greenskins came swarming forward bottlenecking around a ruined bridge, sloshing through a river of sludge and charging straight for the marine defences.

"Open Fire!" Shouted Captain Thalion, raising his pistol he followed his own order snapping off a shot at long range.

The orks crashed into the wave of fire from the astartes. At first the range diminished the ork losses but as they grew closer they were pounded with an unrelenting rain of shells. All thought of preserving ammunition gone. It was all or nothing. The Devastators fired disciplined volleys at hulking Ork constructs. One by one the things exploded in fireballs of destruction taking a few of their comrades with them. It was inevitable that the orks would close though. There were just too many. Scores of dead littered the ground as the orks finally closed with the Astartes.

Screaming a battle cry the Space Wolves charged forward to meet their foe. Captain Thalion swallowed an order knowing that it would do no good. The wolves crashed against the orks battering down a few but it was not enough. Roaring the Ork Warboss tore through the astartes and stomped into the building. Chaplain Claudius and squad Hellion met the orks blades clashing together in a desperate battle for survival.

Suddenly the ground before the Ultramarines exploded with fury. The guard had arrived. A line of Leman Russ tanks blasted holes in the ork forces. Turning as one the orks moved ot meet this new threat but were cut down by the crossfire from the guard and marines. Roaring in rage the Warboss jumped on the nearest bike and tore away his warriors following.

The orks had been repelled, but not defeated. They would be back. Still for his first engagement as Captain of the 7th Company it could have been far worse. Holstering the pistol passed down to him from his predecessor Captain Thalion and his men boarded their Thunderhawks and departed for the Imperial Command Post. This was going to be a long hard war.

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