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HQ Assault Squad
Closed Thread
Old 31 Jul 2006, 06:55   #1 (permalink)
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Default HQ Assault Squad

I plan to field a 10-man assault squad with a Chaplain attached. The assualt squad will be equipped with:
7x CC+BP
2x CC+PP
1x Sergeant, Powerfist + BP

The questions are:

Do I need meltabombs?
How should I outfit my Chaplain for best effect?

I've been thinking about giving him 2 lightning claws. I'm not sure if that'd work or not, though.
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Default Re: HQ Assault Squad

Leaving him with his standard stuff. Give them krak nades and maybe add a flamer instead of one of the plasma pistols. Best thing about the Chaplain is his free gear.
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Default Re: HQ Assault Squad

the melta bombs are one of those "if I take them I'll regret it, If I don't I'll regret it" kind of things. Either you will come across a player with multiple tanks and wish you had bought them or buy them and play someone who has maybe one. If the people that you usually play take a couple of tanks, or you play in a lot of tournaments then I would say go for it, especially with the chaplains ability to let you reroll failed to hits when you charge.

as for the flamers, in an assault squad they are a waste. I'm not going to go into my usual rant about the evils of flamers, but I will make 2 points. 1: they will only be brought to bear once, maybe twice a game. 2: if you use a flamer on a unit and kill a couple of models, remember your opponent gets to decide which models to remove, which can remove the closest models denying you an assault and leaving your assault marines out in the open to get shot up. while the first one isn't that bad, the second one should be screaming at you to put the flamers down.

As for the chaplain, He already comes with a power weapon. It would be a waste to lose that free power weapon, so why don't we just add to it? I would either buy him a bolt pistol for the extra attack or a powe.... oh, we have melta bombs in the unit don't we. then I guess a power fist might be a waste also. just give him a bolt pistol and melta bombs, that should also help by keeping him cheap.

ooh ooh, one thing I had forgotten to post is that by giving the assault squad the flamer instead of the plasma pistol you will reduce the number of attacks available when you assault by 2. Just something to think about.
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Default Re: HQ Assault Squad

Meltabombs: Are best outfitted if your are going tank hunting or expect to get assaulted often by dreadnoughts, otherwise don't bother, krak grenades are a safe option.

Chaplain: Is too give him as many attacks as possible, terminator honours, bolt pistol and crozius arcanum, can't go wrong there. Twin-lightning claws are also a good idea but the you have to fork out an extra 30pts and sacrifice the free power weapon you get. I myself would just give him a jump pack, terminator honours, bolt pistol frag & krak grenades and obviously the free crozius arcanum. Short, simple and straight to the point, no fuss. No mess.

The Assault Squad: Now these guys will be coupled with the Chaplain, right? Anywho what you have got is quite good, but let me add a few suggestions:

a.) No Mercy, No Respite: Basically furious charge, a fantastic option to give your assault marines think about it; all of your marines would strike at S5 I5 and with re-roll failed to hits because of the chaplain. For an extra 30pts they become Godlike on the board, rather than deadly. Unless if the chapter your doing doesn't take traits i would say go for it.

b.) Which armies do you commonly face up against? 9/10 times you can flex assault marines to deal with anything. If you face alot of horde armies, GEQ's you could give your squad flamers and your Vet. Sgt. a power weapon. Or if you face alot of MEQ's plasma pistols and a powefist for your Vet. Sgt. They are totally flexible.

c.) I personally think 10 assault marines is overkill, it is your choice if you want that many but i think a smaller squad of 6 which is tooled up to the max would do better than 10 standard marines. I'll give you a example:

Assault Squad = 187pts
Veteran Sergeant with a bolt pistol, power weapon and terminator honours
1 Assault Marine with a flamer
4 Assault Marines with bolt pistols and close combat weapons
(All have frag grenades, krak grenades and furious charge)

Your initial squad (the one you posted earlier) came at 260pts this unit costs 187pts saving you 73pts. This unit i think is more effective and cheaper (note: i did use the No Mercy, No Respite Trait). And i will give you an example of the type of chaplain i would use:

Chaplain, Master of Sanctity = 139pts
Bolt pistol
Crozius Arcanum
Jump Pack
Terminator Honours
Frag & Krak Grenades

So this guy gets 6 attacks on the charge! Plus with being in the assult squad he benefits from the furious charge (i think?) so he would get 6 attacks on the charge at S5, I6 with no armour saves and re-roll failed to hits (litanies of hate) So this Chaplain and the assault squad together will be God-like on the board. Plus i saved you 73pts as-well (Yay!)

Please Note: When i chose the 'No Mercy, No Respite' trait i did not pick a disadvantage, i will leave that for you too decide.

Just my thoughts and advice.
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Default Re: HQ Assault Squad

Thanks for the advice guys!

What do MEQ and GEQ stand for?

I'm Ultramarines so, I can't have any traits. Oh well eh?

I don't play tournaments, and don't plan to. I'll probably just play my friend who plays Tau.

Yeah I think I'll just avoid the lightning claws now. They're sorta troublesome because I'd have to make a bitz order to get them (the commander box only comes with one).
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Default Re: HQ Assault Squad

MEQ = Marine EQuivalent
GEQ = Guard EQuivalent

Don't feel too bad about it, took me a looooooooooong time to figure that one out. ;D
To blindly follow others is to live the life of a lemming. Be yourself, no matter what others may say.
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Default Re: HQ Assault Squad

Krak genades a a weak, pitiful, almost useless option! Strength 6? Since when does this bust a tank? No, if you are taking grenades, make them meltas. They are cheaper on the assault squads, and they get the job done. This way, if you have to take on a tank, you don't stand around getting shot and wondering why it didn;t blow up. Lets face it, krak grenades are the worst upgrade in the game. They can penetrate a rhino. That's about it.

And don't take meltas and hope to tackle an enemy dread. He will enjoy ripping you apart slowly as you realize that you can't hurt him. You can only use grenades on an IMMOBILE dreadnought. When was the last time you got assaluted by one of those?

IMHO, if you are going tank hunting, take a 5 man squad with melta bombs. If you are lopping off heads, take a 10 man squad set up like you have it. The plasma pistols and power fist can rough up a tank in a pinch.
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