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Old Razorback, new codex. Curses...
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Old Razorback, new codex. Curses...


Having just got two Rhinos for my Wolves (on account of being bored with slogging across table whilst being shot at and having few weapons with over 24" range), I decided to get my Razorback out of retirement.* While I love Razorbacks, being perfect heavy support in a wolf army, on its own with no other tanks it was not worthwhile since it either got shot or delivered a whopping ( :P) six men into the enemy battle line while the rest of my foot troops waved them off into the distance and would catch up in time to perform appropriate last rites.

Having not used it since the old marine codex, I decided to check out the entry for adjustments.

SHOCK! HORROR!* Lascannon and plasma gun is no longer an optional weapon option.
You know you have been collecting for too many years when your models are no longer rules legal.

Does anyone else have this model?* What do/did you do with it?* I don't really want to cut it up to replace the guns, I have enough new models to get round to without going back on old ones.* Should I count it as twinlinked lascannon?* Or make up a points cost?* Or do I have to use VDR, cos that will give a stupid cost for a standard model?

Opinions guys?
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Default Re: Old Razorback, new codex. Curses...

I would personally just "counts as" a twin linked lascannon. Or really just "counts as" a rhino, which it sounds like it might be better for you anyway.
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Default Re: Old Razorback, new codex. Curses...

Heh my Wolves army has the same razorback.

When I use it (It's been a WHILE....) It's either as a Rhino or a "Counts as" twin-lascannon.
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Default Re: Old Razorback, new codex. Curses...

I suppose you're free to do any of those things, it just depends on what you think would be best for your army and what your opponent is willing to allow. Some players will be happy to accept a reasonable points cost for what is essentially a 'custom vehicle', others will ask you to use the VDR, some will demand you count it as twin-linked lascannons or a Rhino, and some are just so anal that they won't let you use it at all.

Just find out what your regular opponents are happy with, because there's no all-encompassing answer except 'don't use it', and that solves nothing.
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