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Some help on Marines.....
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Default Some help on Marines.....


Well i have to admit, Ultra Marines are really cool, i don't know why people hate them (primarily because noob's have them.) My favorite models are the Tyrannic war veterans, they just ooze.... cool. But i have a few questions to mop up first,

1.) For the Ultramarine's Honour Guard it said that under the 'Honour Guard in Normal Squads' that i can replace a member of said squad to be an Honor Guard, could i replace the Sergeant for an Honour Guard?

2.) Since as if i love the Tyrannic war Veterans so much, i was thinking of a themed army like the War veterans but representing normal tactical squads as lesser experienced 'nid veterans giving them the preferred enemy rule, are they all from the 1st company? and what colour would their shoulder pads be?

3.) Thanks!
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Default Re: Some help on Marines.....

Yep, it's certainly annoying that Ultramarines and Space Marines in general have been labelled as the 'n00b' army, and the non-n00b players are scoffed at for using them. Glad to see you are taking an interest in them.

1 - I don't see why not. Until you upgrade him to a veteran sergeant, an ordinary sergeant is exactly the same as an ordinary Marine (except with a choice to take bolt pistol and CCW instead of a bolter). So it wouldn't really make a difference. The Honour Guard 'sergeant' would not be able to upgrade to a Veteran however.

2 - As far as I know, all veterans of are from the 1st company. Fluffwise, the Tactical Squads you give Preferred Enemy to would have to be veterans from the 1st company, as Ultramarines really can't use traits. Using that trait advantage to represent 1st company Tyranid Veterans would be fine though, in my opinion. Others may disagree with me however; it really depends on what way you want to look at it.

3 - You're welcome.
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