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Help with chapter fluff.
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Default Help with chapter fluff.

Well with me crating a new chapter, I started to come up with fluff, then that whole idea died, but now as Medusa V is starting I took part in rolling thunder, and a idea came to me that makes me want to start up on fluff again.

So heres my idea:
Something along the line that marines were predicting something going on with Medusa V, so started the creation of a new chapter, the pyro hammers.

They were delayed or something (explaining my delay in joining in on the action with Medusa V) was something else I thought of, again not good, but possibility of turning into something great? I don't know.

They are to be a Salamanders sucessor chapter, so I don't know if this idea would work or stuff, I have no clue, only an idea, and a bad one at that, but I was woundering if you guys could help me expand on it, and make it good.

Thanks to timjim for the great banner!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Help with chapter fluff.

The delay could easily be explained by a warp storm; the storm itself could be meaningless and simply a random occurrence or it could foreshadow the arrival of a powerful force (for the superstitious :P), such as your Marines.

I know that there are a few chapters thought to be descended from the Salamanders, although it has never been proven; Your theme certainly sounds related to the Sallie chapter, and even perhaps the ability to paint a disgustingly sexy orange color scheme on Marines (I always thought that would be awesome) toting lots of Thunderhammers and Flamers/Meltas. Do keep in mind though that the Salamanders only have seven companies (the last time I heard/read) and this is probably the reason that the other chapters lineage has never been traced back to the Sallies; of course, that's just technical rubbish, in my opinion. Do what you want

(hope that helped... at all)
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Default Re: Help with chapter fluff.

I like the warp storm idea, it could work, I'll keep it in mind.

As for the colour scheme, sorry to dissapoint you, but their not all orange. , they are green with orange helmates.

The whole companie thing I wasn't going to follow, but I might end up following the whole 7 company thing in the end.

So anybody else have something to say? would my idea work?

Thanks to timjim for the great banner!
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