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I'm new to Marines.....
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Default I'm new to Marines.....


Well i have to say, i love Space Marines! My brother bought the codex, and wow i like!
I have always done armies that i just pull out of the box, assemble then paint, generally boring. Whilst reading the fluff and traits i would love to create my own Chapter! I've never had a converted army before and after seeing many GW staffers armies i have become inspired to get out those clippers and get converting.

The idea i had in mind was, using the traits 'Scions of Mars' and 'Uphold the Honour of the Emperor' and the 'Eye to Eye' major drawback. The fluff i will use as the guide lines for my army basically is: "They protect forgeworlds, as many a foe see them as valuable targets they should be defended by valuable troops. They are like a strike force but are well equipped (hence the scions of mars trait) and hold and defend forge worlds, manufactorum planets and other planets with unswerving courage and loyalty (hence uphold the honour of the emperor) but they frown upon 'guerrilla' tactics(hence the Eye to Eye major drawback")

This is just the 'ultra' basic idea of what i had in mind, and if i decide to go ahead with this i will eventually create a chapter master for them. I will probably need some help building a secure list (I'm hopeless.)

Thanks for reading this and any replies and help is openly welcome.
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Default Re: I'm new to Marines.....

Hey man,

Glad to have you joining the ranks of the Adeptus Astartes. Space Marines are indeed a great army - don't let their undeserved n00bish reputation put you off at all. As you've discovered, the Traits system allows us to devise interesting new Chapters based on their fluff, and the sheer variety and diversity of the Space Marine model range allows for so many unique modelling possibilities.

Your Chapter idea sounds great - perhaps you would like to go for an Iron Hand's feel to it, with Marines having extensive bionics and a very techo-arcane look? That could represent the fact that they are granted access to special gear as rewards for serving forge worlds. The bionics could also partly be the reason for the 6+ invulnerable save granted by the 'Uphold the Honour of the Emperor' trait advantage. Or were you thinking something different? Just a couple of thoughts.

I'd also advise that you read Stam's excellent 'Space Marine Army Guide', as it gives a great insight into each unit in the army. Obviously, feel free to post army lists here at any time for our scritiny and advice - that is what we are here for.

Good luck!
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Default Re: I'm new to Marines.....

You may end up getting a lot of poeple calling you a noob for playing marines. Don't let this discourage you. They may be taking it out on you because they hate playing against marines and getting stoped by a six dreadnought army

Hopefully you enjoy your time as a marine player. If you need help just post here and we'll be glad to.
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Default Re: I'm new to Marines.....

Power armour is frustrating. I found that out when my brother deployed Grey Knights against me with his Imperial Guard, and suddenly all my Bolters, flamers and even heavy bolters were substantially less effective. I didn't know what to do...so I spun the Vulture around on another attack run and bombed them flat! >

Defenders of the Imperium's Forge Worlds eh? Sounds like a prime excuse to buy an outrageous number of Forge World vehicles and accessories. I recommend the Land Raider Prometheus, it's armed with four twin-linked heavy bolters and a storm bolter, and it allows you to re-roll one reserves roll per turn just like a Damocles. They're one of the least numerous of the Space Marine vehicle varients, the Salamanders retain the most, although most chapters carry only one, some have none at all. Your chapter's affiliation to the Forge Worlds could certainly account for any obscure vehicle varients you might want to include.

As the proud owner of a rapidly growing, bright-yellow (Imperial Fists) armoured battlegroup, I want to promote the excessive use of Marine vehicles. They look cool and your chapter fluff gives you a good reason to field loads of them!
Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
When all was finished, the battlefield was a smoking crater. UDC, Valoran, US Army, Tau, the Nazis, a random pirate ship, and a bunch of ninjas, all were enemies to the Vulture. All were turned into scrap metal. Or plastic. Depends which game system you play.
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Default Re: I'm new to Marines.....

Marines are definitely a worthy army, despite their horrific reputation.

If you do decide to use the "Scions of Mars" trait, you should try to keep one thing in mind. The trait says that you MAY upgrade a Techie to 3W, however you do not have to. The reason you should pay attention to the wording of that is because, as I have found playing Iron Hands (Scions of Mars/Heed the Wisdom..), many people who know about the "Scions" trait will say that you are unable to bring a Commander, when in fact, you can only not bring a Commander when you use a Techmarine with 3W.

Regardless, you're fluff seems to fit in very nicely, perhaps you should think about basing them off of the Iron Hands. After all, the Iron Hands are more closely linked with the Adeptus Mechanicus than any other chapter and extensively use Bionics. Also, the Iron Hands squad box comes with bits of bionics that allows you to give your marines that customized, bionic look.

Seems interesting, keep us informed

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