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Seduced by Marines: 1500 point Black Templars
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Seduced by Marines: 1500 point Black Templars

I admit it; I was seduced by Space Marines. I am a Witch Hunters player. My usual list is Sisters of Battle with various Inquisitional nutjobs (Zealots, Arco-Flagellants, Penitent Engines, etc.). However, I've played it quite a bit and started to kind of get tired of not really having much control over my army (I have a dozen Arcos and three Penitent Engines, and with the zealots, the protocol is rather obvious). I decided to partake another path that would let me exercise new tactics and units... but I'm cheap. Resultingly, I wanted to keep some of my Inquisitional models in the fold.

Originally, I wanted to use some Guard models, but everyone does that, and I'm not really into strictly shooting armies that don't move much. And then I saw the Techmarine in full servo-harness and I kind of developed a crush on it... so much, I decided to undertake a Space Marine list. Looking for a suitable theme, the Black Templars practically punched me in the face with their crusading theme and look. I love it. Also, as my Sisters are white with red robes and black/gold trim, the Templars are a kind of reverse version--I imagine it will produce a stark, striking look on the tabletop (I hope!). It was a radical shift from my normal armies, and mostly made on a whim, but I'm looking to avoid disappointment with your help.

So, I decided to build the following. This is part decisions based on models I know I like to play, partly based on the looks of the models, and partly based on how cheap I am (I'm recycling a lot of models here... including my stuff from Battle for Macragge back in the day).

Presented here is the preliminary list. I have no experience with Space Marines, so I kind of picked models dependent on how they looked and sounded on paper; theme was also important. Feel free to be harsh in your critiques. I'll heed what I can, but I can't buy too many new models.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Covenant of Burning Hearts: Black Templars & Witch Hunter Allies, 1500 pts.

HQ 1: Emperor's Champion [110]
Vow: Abhor the Witch, Destroy the Witch.
Well, he's important from a fluff point of view, plus I enjoyed doing the conversion! The vow also fit my army theme nicely, and in-game my Templars the same kind of psychic resistance my Sisters have. The synergy was there. I plan to use the Champ as counter-assult, as he's a bit too slow to charge forward as quick as I'd like. I also have some questions on him.

1) Can he count as an HQ choice for mandatory Force Organization choices?

2) Is he actually worth using to try to take out enemy Independent Characters? He looks alright on paper but that tends to mean nothing when I'm rolling the dice...

HQ 2: Chaplain Thanatos [136]
Master of Sanctity with Jump Pack and Bolt Pistol.
I liked the model too much to resist it.

HQ 3: Canoness Magdalene [136]
Canoness with Cloak of St. Aspria, Book of St. Lucius, Jump Pack, Blessed Weapon, Inferno Pistol, Frag Grenades.
Tried and true. I've been using this Canoness forever and it's never let me down, really. I like the setup, it lets her take on anything. Point-for-point, she's been my best model in my experience.

Elite: Techmarine Aramite & Servitors [231]
Techmarine with Servo-Harness, Bolt Pistol and Iron Halo.
Four Combat Servitors.
Counter-assault. They'll follow the main force of footsloggers, ready to spring forward and attack anything they can handle, or hang back and leap into combat to save another unit from a dreaded beast or CC unit. The low initiative of the Servitors is a concern. I admit, I'm using the Servitors because I have them... and the Techmarine because I like his look. But it seems pretty decent on paper.

...on paper.

Troops 1: Crusader Squad 1 [95]
5 Initiates with Lascannon
This is a small squad that exists to blow up tanks and wound Carnifexes, Taloses (?), and other similar problems.

Troops 2: Crusader Squad 1 [90]
5 Initiates with Missile Launcher
As above. But why not another lascannon? I'm cheap and already owned a missile Marine. Plus, the frag option is nice against Dark Eldar and Gaunts.

Troops 3: Battle Sisters Squad 1 [216]
13 Battle Sisters
1 Veteran Sister Superior with Eviscerator, Bolt Pistol, Auspex and Book of St. Lucius.
Weapons: Flamer, Heavy Flamer
The backbone of the army. The Sisters march forward blasting, burning, and blasting again. Divine Guidance is to be applied liberally. I know this squad works well, but I have considered bulking it up...

Troops 3: Battle Sisters Squad 1 [218]
13 Battle Sisters
1 Veteran Sister Superior with Eviscerator, Bolt Pistol, Auspex and Book of St. Lucius.
Weapons: Two Meltaguns
As above, but with an element of high tight-range firepower.

Fast Attack: Assault Marines [255]
10 Assault Marines
2 Plasma Pistols
1 Power Fist
Accompanied by the Chaplain, these guys come in shooting, then swinging as hard as possible. I plan to utilize them as assassins, flying around busting Independent Characters in an overwhelming tide of focused attacks. Additionally, this squad can get backed up by the Canoness for more punch.

Points: 1487

...leaving me with 13 points to toy with. I'm considering a Melta Bomb for the Chaplain to give him the ability to threaten tanks, but that Orb of Antioch is pretty cool, too.

In any case, you've likely noticed I avoid armoured vehicles. I have access to a Vindicator I enjoy using in games, but on the whole I fight a lot of Necrons, and they tend to make short, pitiful work of any armour I field.

Otherwise, the strategy here is obvious, but flexible. My Canoness, Chaplain and the Assault Marines take the fight to the enemy and the Sisters of Battle give the army a flexible middle game. Their faith makes them a constant threat to pretty much anything. Meanwhile, the two Crusader Squads are firing heavy weapons... and the Emperor's Champion and Techmarine are there to protect theSisters and Templars from the enemy's Flayed Ones, winged Warriors, and so on.

I understand utilizing Crusader squads in the fashion I am is a bit wasteful considering the Templar's strength clearly lies in CC, but I desperately need some fashion of long-range, hard-hitting weaponry and this was the cheapest way to do it I could find. Additionally, I wanted to have lots of Sisters.

All critiques welcome. The only thing I'd like to ask is that you don't recommend anything that will cost me a lot of money... I'm broke! But I'm always looking for a little advice, especially considering I'm new to all this 'Marine' business.
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Default Re: Seduced by Marines: 1500 point Black Templars

Is always nice to see people starting a great army!! Welcome to Black Templars!!

1) Can he count as an HQ choice for mandatory Force Organization choices?

2) Is he actually worth using to try to take out enemy Independent Characters? He looks alright on paper but that tends to mean nothing when I'm rolling the dice...
1. No he is out of Force Organisation Chart, so you can take him and 2 other HQ (and you must take at least 1 HQ)
2. The Champion is good at killing IC, but he isn't very resilient (against power weapons is save turns to 4+* :-\ ... even worse against insta-killing fists). The great benefit is the wov and the fact that he can move away friendly models to get to cc with ICs: so their attacks go only on the Champion and he generally has the I to answer. This prevents losses to the squad in the first turns.

I would say that your wov is useful only if you know that your enemy is going to field psykers. Otherwise it's a waste. I generally prefer the wov that makes you hit at 3+.

I like the assault squad, but you're planning to use them badly. They are many, they re-roll to hit with the chaplain when they charge, are fearless.... so go hunting infantry and you'll open 'em easily!! (of course you can also attack ICs, but not as the main role)

If you have points left, give terminator honour to the chaplain, the extra attack is always good.

I don't know if you can take extra weapons for the tech (but I don't have the codex with me, sorry). However he already has a bolter and a power weapon, so I would say that the pistol can't be taken (sigh, farewell extra attack...). In my opinion the Halo is a waste of points. He doesn't ave the power to survive long fights....

I would say that in my opinion techs are better in shooting, thanks to their weapons and the signum, so I'd go for shooting servitors ( even if point-expensive). Take also 1-2 cheap servitors that will be removed as first losses.

Another thing is that I have no experience with SoB, so I don't know how the two armies will perform (actually, I thought that SoB couldn't join SM armies).

Hope it helped.
Black Templars: we are the real men in black vs the aliens

Tactica: Black Templars

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Make the best of your Crusader Squads. How?
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