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Rule Clarification
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Default Rule Clarification

Quick question for you guys, (my little bro would like to know)
Does the 'Heed the Wisdom of the Ancients' chapter rule allow you to take Dreadnaughts as BOTH Elites and Heavy Support (i.e. 6 Dreadnaughts Max)?
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Default Re: Rule Clarification

yes it does, and apparently (I'm not 100% on this one) all of them can be venerable, not just the elite ones.
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Default Re: Rule Clarification

6 dreads in total; any taken as elites must be ven. I belive the others can be too.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Rule Clarification

You can have 4 venerable dreads. Any elites MUST be venerable and one heavy can be venerable.
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Default Re: Rule Clarification

Ok, thanks.
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