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The Black Dragons
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Default The Black Dragons

I've been toying with the idea of building a Black Dragon force (only small 1,000 max) but How could I do this with the new codex? I was thinking that I could use the Ossific Blades could count as a trait on their own and I'd have to take the two minor drawbacks of "We stand alone" and "Die Standing" to mirror there likness in the Chapter Approved. So their army set up would look like this.

Ossific Blades
Blessed be the Warriors (maybe purity above all)

Flesh over steel
We stand alone
Die Standing

Would this be considered wrong or harder for me to play?

Advice please.

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Default Re: The Black Dragons

your best bet is to just ask your opponent to let you use the Black Dragon rules as they are/ were.

they should still be balanced.
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