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an explanation and apology
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Old 21 Jun 2006, 12:52   #1 (permalink)
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Default an explanation and apology

since the mods have apparently locked my other thread: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=27244.0, i will explain myself here.

first off, I WAS JOKING.

I would have thought things like:
"The Emperor's Multi-Chromatic Bloody Skullfist Deathguard Avengers"
would have made that apparent.

i was certainly not suggesting any sort of permanent rules changes.
I wasn't even going to use more than standard brute rules-no specialist kit at all.
also 4 different kill teams are coming after this guy at once and all have special kit]
to take him out.

so i humbly apologize to certain SM players who actually thought i was going to use this thing FOREVER,
or try to talk gw into making it legal.

lighten you guys, it's only make believe!

anyway if gw DID make it, it'd cost like 200 pts or some crazyness.
i'm sure no-one would actually get it.
so i aplogize to all for sharing my ludicrous idea for making kill-team rules a little bit light-hearted and thinking up "one of the most horrendously over-powered idiotic things" captainwhizz has ever heard of.
god forbid anything involving 40k ever actully be FUNNY.
futhermore i promise not to offend anybody by sharing battle report of hillarius shenannigans and stay on the tau board where i belong.

to answer some questions:
1)"Firstly if there were such powerful things in the heresy I'm sure that at least the blueprints would still be there. Or any traces would have been destroyed etc etc."

ans. nope, the forge world that made em was torched. existing models were lost to chaos or destroyed.

2)"Secondly, why do the Tau have it?! What possible fluff could you use to try and explain a brand new race having a piece of technology prior 4000 years before they existed?"

ans. official fluff? NONE!! ;D i'm makin all this stuff up! i thought that was obvious.
it's a mystery! how did farsght's end up on arthas moloch?
who knows? who cares? it's there and farsight's boys find it cuz the planet is somwhere around the damocles gulf.
carbon dating shows this is older than tau civilisation.
i'd be curious, wouldn't you??
so uber-terminator gets moved to another world with a research lab for study.
if ANYBODY can figure this thing out it'd be tau.
through assorted means other races find out about this.
the imperium wants their terminator back.
chaos wants to turn it into something awful.
empire tau want to snatch it to foil farsight AND make way cooler battlesuits.
orks want it cuz the warboss wants to make mega-armor out it.
or insert your own motivations if ya dont like these.

again to everyone (except captainwhizz, who can take a hike for all i care) i apologize any offense.

oh and by the way, thanks for stickin up for me Mr. Norman, maybe you can get in on one of my madcap schemes sometime. ^-^
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Old 21 Jun 2006, 13:16   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: an explanation and apology

You're welcome. For the record, I think those rules and much of the scenario are outrageous too, but it's your kill-team and you're having fun putting the whole thing together so have at it!

Besides, a 'Super-Terminator' has potential for customisation! See what kind of armoured monstrosity you can devise...something an Ork Warboss would be proud to call his own.
Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
When all was finished, the battlefield was a smoking crater. UDC, Valoran, US Army, Tau, the Nazis, a random pirate ship, and a bunch of ninjas, all were enemies to the Vulture. All were turned into scrap metal. Or plastic. Depends which game system you play.
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Old 21 Jun 2006, 14:10   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: an explanation and apology

Originally Posted by biggdawggnt
again to everyone (except captainwhizz, who can take a hike for all i care) i apologize any offense.
I'm not sure why you say this, but anyway:

I don't think you ned to apologize, you didn't do anything wrong. I think that the topic was closed beacause it had been answered- that combination was not legal.

I don't think that anyone really thought that you intended to use this in games of 40k or to try and get it legalised or anything like that (in fact, Tom was the one who brought this up, IIRC), but people were pointing out that it wasn't anywhere near balanced, and it didn't fit with fluff.

if you like to make up rules for use in games with friends then I support this, but I would hope that the rules would be a little more balanced and try to fit with the fluff.
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Old 22 Jun 2006, 06:16   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: an explanation and apology

firstly, i was a little heated because you called me an idiot.
i felt that was a little uncalled for.
i'm over that now.

secondly, it IS balanced.
if you would read ALL of my posts you would see that i plan to give all FOUR kill teams special crap to take this guy down. had you not "skimmed over' over my previous posts, you would have realized the point of this was not to make an invincible unit. it's more of a "which of my buddies can nab this guy first" situation.

additionally, even if the special kit fails, all teams will have heavy kit they can take legally.

i just wanted to do SOMETHING with this guy before i decide to tear him apart or something.

i MAY still make him my chapter master. i don't usually bother with tourneys and the guys i game with are cool about divergent units.

of course i mean with NORMAL terminator weapons, not the stuff i made up.
that doesn't seems much more badass than marneus calgar to me.
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Old 22 Jun 2006, 15:21   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: an explanation and apology

biggdawggnt, calm down. The other thread was locked because you asked if it was legal and I pointed out that a quick look in the codex would tell you if it was or not. There really is no need for us to go in more detail is it? If you were just joking I have to remind you sometimes they don't translate well over text. That's what smilies are for.

if you ahve a compaint in future, bring it to me or Stam or any other mod via PM. Don't go making a new thread just to complain. For now this will be locked.

If your looking to do something special for kill team I suggest you do a thread on that and make it clear from the start that is the point. Your last thread sounded more like you were slapping things together without checking if it should go together first.
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