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New list what do you think.
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Default New list what do you think.

My brother lives out of state but we get together to play 40k every few months. I am going to visit in a couple of weeks. he and some of his friends are looking forward to blasting my marines.
Every time we get together I try to give a new look to my army. This way the tactics he used last might not work. here's the list for this trip.
HQ: Master Jump pack pw.
Troops:6 marines with 2 flamers, razorback; 6 marines 2 plaz ,razorback;6 marines 2 melt, razorback with laz cannons.
Fast: 5 assult marines vet pw, 2 flame;5 assault marines Vet pf; 2 tornados ac hb
Heavy: 6 man devistator squad 2 laz; 6 man devistator squad 4 missiles.
add 3 dreads( 2 dccw flame and ac, 1 tl laz and ml) and a chap with jump pack
I was going for a balanced and mobile all comers list. I could be facing marines, necrons, orks, tau, and sisters depending on who shows up to play.
It is all fun and games until someone takes it too seriously
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