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Drop Pod Army
Closed Thread
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Default Drop Pod Army

Hi All,

Saw this 1500pt Army list on another forum. Wanted to see what your thoughts were. That is, is the army a feasible option for games purely orientated around Alpha and Gamma missions only in a tournament setting.

HQ 1 (5 models in total) 340pts
Librarian (Codicer)
Terminator Armour, Darkness

Terminator Command squad
Terminators x3
Assault cannon x1
SGT x1
Drop Pod

ELITE 1 (5 models in total) 250pts
Terminator Squad
Terminators x4
Assault cannon x1
SGT x1
Drop Pod

ELITE 2 135pts
Dreadnought x1
Drop pod

TROOP UNIT 1 (9 models in total) 205pts
9 Marines
meltagun x1
Vet SGT with Powerfist
Drop Pod

TROOP UNIT 2 (9 models in total) 205pts
9 Marines
meltagun x1
Vet SGT with Powerfist
Drop Pod

TROOP UNIT 3 (9 models in total) 205pts
9 Marines
meltagun x1
Vet SGT with Powerfist
Drop Pod

Landspeeder Tornado x1

Landspeeder Tornado x1

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Default Re: Drop Pod Army

[size=18pt]Saving points[/size]

HQ 1
  • Lose the drop pod, Termies can teleport.
+30 pts

Elites 1
  • As above; get rid of the drop pod 'cos you can teleport for free.
+30 pts

Troops 1
  • I know it's ugly, but to harvest the points necessary for my intended recommendations, you'll need to drop a Marine from this squad. Drop one from all three if you're keen to keep it symmetrical (spend the surplus points on luxury wargear for the Sergeants). They say 8 Marines in a squad is the magic number anyway.
+15 pts

Fast attack 1 + 2
  • These are priced incrrectly. Assuming you want to take two Land Speeder Tornados with both Multi-Meltas and Heavy Flamers (good call by the way), they only amount to 75 points each, not 80.
+10 pts

[size=16pt]Total points saved: 85[/size]


[size=18pt]Spending points[/size]

HQ 1
  • Give these boys another Assault Cannon. I'd want all four Termies to take Assault Cannons ideally, but since you can only have two you'd best make the most of it. Also, give the squad the 'Tank Hunters' special skill. Combined with two Assault Cannons, this skill makes the squad a thorn in the side for both infantry and light vehicles (even heavy vehicles too if you get lucky).
-35 pts

Elites 1
  • As above. Give 'em another big gun and the wherewithal to use it against armour.
-35 pts

Elites 2
  • This guy needs a Heavy Flamer and Extra Armour. If he's podding in, he'll be up close to the enemy in no time so the Flamer will come in handy. On the flipside of that, due to his deployment, he'll be exposed to a lot of fire so Extra Armour may be worth it's weight in gold (if stunned, the blow will be reduced to shaken and he'll still be able to charge into close combat).
-15 pts

[size=16pt]Total points spent: 85[/size]


[size=18pt]Surplus points: 0[/size]
Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
When all was finished, the battlefield was a smoking crater. UDC, Valoran, US Army, Tau, the Nazis, a random pirate ship, and a bunch of ninjas, all were enemies to the Vulture. All were turned into scrap metal. Or plastic. Depends which game system you play.
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