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Fallen Dark Angels-51st Company
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Default Fallen Dark Angels-51st Company

I've been wanting to create a more darker, more serious Marine Army, and came up witht the idea to do my own Fallen Dark Angel comapny. But I thought that the GW rules for Dark Angels didn't suit me, so I used traits to come up with a more customized Fallen Angel army. Here's the fluff I cam up with so far, and I plan on making a 1,000 point list for them. It's nothing epic, long or anything, as I'm not good at writing that kind of fluff.

Fallen Dark Angels, 51st Company

Traits: Blessed be the Warriors, Uphold the Honor of the Emperor, Aspire to Glory, Faithful unto Death

Back in the Horus Heresy, it is known by the Dark Angels and their successor chapters that the fully half of the Dark Angel’s legion betrayed them and the Emperor. But few now of the 51st Company.
When they betrayed, they believed that they were doing the right thing, fighting against someone who had betrayed them and who had enslaved them to a life of servitude. When their treachery ended, the Fallen Dark Angels were scattered, as known. But somehow some of the 51st company managed to stay together, emerging from the warp near a planet named Nagia. They were hit with grief as they realized their betrayal, and swore to right their wrong. But of course they wouldn’t simply be forgiven, and had to hide from the Imperium. Clad in black robes to reflect their sin, they go out, and at random moments when the forces of the Imperium are under heavy attack, they come with aid, leaving as quick so to avoid the Imperium and the Dark Angels. For unknown reasons (thought to be mutation from the gene-seed during the period which they were spread through the warp), veteran warriors tend to sprout black wings, which, with proper training and conditioning, can actually be used to fly. Although they have fallen and are considered traitors, their loyalties still lie with the Emperor, and will do anything to aid His forces and to earn their redemption. To reflect their loyalty and to hopefully earn the favor of Him, Veterans take vows to the Emperor before the battle, and vow to trust Him and only Him for their protection.

The traits are pretty obvious. Uphold the Honor... is for their vows and faith in the Emperor, and Blessed be the Warriors represent the Veterans with Wings. Aspire to Glory represents that they have lost a lot of their company in the Heresy, and don't have much or any rare and hard to make equipment, as they can no longer make much equipment as they have no access to forgeworlds (or at least with permission...). Fiathful unto Death is for all special equipment they probably have loss and don't have access to as much. There are roughly 300-450 space marines in the company. I know the whole deal with Cypher, but my fluff gives reasons to why they would be together (not directly). To serve the Emporer and redeem themselves!

I'm back?

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Default Re: Fallen Dark Angels-51st Company

I like them, I really do. Any plans on adopting Cypher as your chapter master or as a company captain?
Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
When all was finished, the battlefield was a smoking crater. UDC, Valoran, US Army, Tau, the Nazis, a random pirate ship, and a bunch of ninjas, all were enemies to the Vulture. All were turned into scrap metal. Or plastic. Depends which game system you play.
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Default Re: Fallen Dark Angels-51st Company

I have a DA Fallen Army, that I made usable for DA & as a CSM army. I love the idea of using traits instead of th DA codex, because in it's right mind they are a new chapter.

If you are lookig to use the same idea, the advive I give you is stay away from Chaos iconography, and stick with the Fallen's wings.

For me it is a challenge to play with because you need to get plasma, It's DA, and I fell in love with jump-troops, switch between chaos and normal is easy, and dreads have plasma except for one with las-cannon. Those all have pegasas wings from the warhammer realm.

Why not right up an army list so we can see what you plan to be using.

Good luck,
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