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Roan Wolven First Company [Deathwing 1000]
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Default Roan Wolven First Company [Deathwing 1000]

"The Chapter is splintered. Our brothers of the Second Company disapeared when the valiant Strike Cruiser Ferocity finally succumbed to the hellish infuence of the warp storms which trapped our fleet, and we find ourselves on a planet unlike we have ever before encountered. A sprawling, impossible city stretches as far as the eye can see, but none of the typical heretical manefestations of the Daemonic present on Daemonworlds have yet showed themselves to us. Through the day since our craft crash-landed, we have been beset by what appear to be robotic automatons - we have successfully destroyed them each time, our blessed suits of Tactical Dreadnaught armour and Dreadnaughts are ideal for the terrain...

New contact at 34.43! Brothers, be alert, another wave is coming! May He guide your guns!"

-- Intercepted Vox Transmission, Origin Unknown

Captain Greymane w/ Terminator Armour, Pair of Lightning Claws, Stubborn - 120pts

Dreadnaught w/ Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armour - 130pts
Dreadnaught w/ Missile Launcher, Extra Armour - 120pts

7 Terminators w/ Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Chainfist, Stubborn - 350pts
6 Assault Terminators w/ 4 Lightning Claws, 3 Thunder Hammers & Storm Shields, Stubborn - 270pts

Total: 990 Points

Yikes, having 45 point Troops realy makes for interesting listbuilding! Sorry for any errors, I don't have the DA Codex, but feel free to critique .
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Default Re: Roan Wolven First Company [Deathwing 1000]

Looks good. Could you perhaps go over how you plan to deploy and style of play? You will have more assistance that way.
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Default Re: Roan Wolven First Company [Deathwing 1000]

Basic idea was to move up on two flanks, each comprising a Dred and a Terminator squad (the Captain tagging along with the Assault Squad) it's made for Cities of Death, but as a fluffy list so I'm not letting myself Deepstrike.

My hope is basically to use the urban terrain to evade fire untill I get into firefight range... time will tell.
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Default Re: Roan Wolven First Company [Deathwing 1000]

Your second Dreadnought is armed with only a missile launcher, are we to assume his other weapon is the default assault cannon?

I've gotta be honest, I don't know how Termies will fare in this sort of combat. Fluff-wise, Terminators are ideally suited for boarding actions and tunnel fighting where the fighting is sure to be 'close and bloody' and fought in cramped conditions. But in game terms, I think Termies are best suited to medium range combat. Their armour is great and in reality it'd be almost impervious to lasgun fire. But in the game, any wound still has a one in six chance of defeating Terminator armour, whether it be a lasgun shot or a krak missile. This makes Termies unrealistically vulnerable when Teleported into the maelstrom and exposed to fire from all sides; they're best suited to advancing over open ground where they will be on the receiving end of substantially less fire but still able to respond in kind. I think instead of rolling armour saves, the enemy should have to defeat AV 9 to slay a Terminator.

Man for man, Termies can match the firepower of their power armoured brothers up close and double it at range. Doesn't this alone make them better suited to a medium ranged role?

I think Terminators need redesigning so as to better fit their fluff. The storm bolter for example should have it's range shortened to 12" because of the enourmous recoil. Even in the iron grip of a Terminator because surely they lack the flexibility to actually take aim? I suppose all those targetting aids they have take care of that, but I still think something needs to be done. As it stands I think Normal marines or even scouts will do better point for point in a city fight than their heavily armoured brothers and that just doesn't seem right.
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