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Space Wolf - Break Off Companies
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Default Space Wolf - Break Off Companies

I have read somewhere in an official article that there have been instances where for whatever reason. Space Wolf Great company leaders or just company leaders have decided to not return to the Fang and establish a permanent base in a sector.

Effectively forming their own breakaway Chapter of the space wolves.

Does anyone know anything about this?

I was wanting to make my own breakaway grup of the space Wolves and wanted to use this to justify it. basically they felt they could do more good if they stayed where they were, they just informed the Space Wolves of this and the wolves made a new Great company.
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Default Re: Space Wolf - Break Off Companies

Yeah, I think those kinds of Companies are included in the blank section of the circle of Great Companies (back cover of the codex). I think that entire blank section is for Breakaways, Lost in the Warps, ect.
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Default Re: Space Wolf - Break Off Companies

13th Company rules will work, or you could (if they're evil) count them as Nurgle-marked Chaos with Counter-Attack, as this gives them some of their SW sills and makes them, like, chaotic.
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Default Re: Space Wolf - Break Off Companies

Just do a Codex: SM diy chapter. Paint them red and call them the Red Wolves. Use Grey hunters as Tactical Squads and Blood Claws as Vet squads. Everything else is basically the same.
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Default Re: Space Wolf - Break Off Companies

I'm sure that it has happened a few times in the past, with the case of the 13th Company being one examle. I've certainly used that as the background for my Lone Wolves Company, though they left out of shame rather than desire to leave the Fang.

You don't always have to follow official 40k canon, and it's perfectly acceptable to make up such stories for your army's background. People have made some stranger claims for their armies, and this isn't nearly as ourageous as what they have.
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