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Question About YOUR Space Wolf Army
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Old 06 Jun 2006, 01:04   #1 (permalink)
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Default Question About YOUR Space Wolf Army

I know a lot of you play Space Wolves. There's a ton of threads about them (and I didn't make them all).

But I've noticed not one mention of the Wolf Gaurd Battle Leader. This is a great addition to an army. He's the equivelent to a Space Marine Captain (While Wolf Lord = Master). So does anyone accually use one as their HQ? You can only have so many Rune Priests and Wolf Priests...

I plan on converting one from a SM Commander, so he can double as a Wolf Lord if need be.
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Old 06 Jun 2006, 09:24   #2 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Question About YOUR Space Wolf Army

I use one as my HQ. I keep him simply armed, to free up points. I am a fan of armies with maximum troops and minimum wargear, it keeps in line with my mental image of the Wolves as barbarians using brawn and natural ferocity rather than technical gear. He usually just gets a power weapon and storm shield. The axe is the old Gorkamorka double headed axe, and the shield is an Warhammer empire shield with Logan Grimnar's wolf skull on it. I often add wolf-like gear on, more for the theme than anything, so wolf pelt, talisman.

If I have the points, he has 4 wolf-guard bodyguard to accompany him, also with power weapons and shields. As a unit, they are ace in combat. In reality they are expensive and inefficient if used badly (which I have been known to do ???) but I like the whole idea and it fits my theme.
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Old 06 Jun 2006, 15:17   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Question About YOUR Space Wolf Army

nah, i usually only play 1500 pt battles, which gives me a grand total of 2 HQ's to play around with, one of which is the vennie drear, and the other is a wolf lord for style reasons.

honestly, the battle leader is possibly the most points effective choice i could take (i don't like the wolf priest or the rune priest that much...so that leaves the lord or the batte leader. and i like the lord. less pts efficient, but so much more fun )
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Old 06 Jun 2006, 17:03   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Question About YOUR Space Wolf Army

Indeed I agree with Bloodied Fangs. If I have a choice between Wolf Lord and Battle Leader the Lord wins, becuase he's just fun.

Sometimes I use a Wolf Priest because I like the models for them and I think they're neat.

And there's rarely a game where I don't take a ven dread...
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Old 08 Jun 2006, 18:57   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Question About YOUR Space Wolf Army

I take 'em quite frequently, as they're cheap and useable in Combat Patrol. I like them!

Plus I'm going to make one with termie armour, twin lightning claws, a slightly modified plastic head (with built-up hair) and call him something like "Logan Wolf-Claw".

His shoulderpad marking will be a black "X" on a yellow background.

Yep, film and comic nickage.
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Old 11 Jun 2006, 11:28   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Question About YOUR Space Wolf Army

I have used one, where I need a cheap HQ choice
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Old 12 Jun 2006, 20:45   #7 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Question About YOUR Space Wolf Army

I don't really like them, I use a Wolf Lord and Vennie Dread instead.
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