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Space wolves battle force
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Default Space wolves battle force

It come with 20 men
3 bikes
a rino
But, can I make the men all bolter armed and do the basic marines come with the upgrade plasma gun sprue thats in the new tAtical squads?
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Default Re: Space wolves battle force

The box comes with 1 Squad of grey hunters, and 1 of blood claws.

What this means is

20 Marine bodies
3 Bike sprues
10 Bolter arm sprues
10 Bolt pistol and chain sword arm sprues (there's also a plasma pistol on every one of these sprues)
3 Space Wolf accesorie sprues

The space wolf sprue has
1 Melta gun
2 Power weapons (one sword, 1 axe)
1 Powerfist
A lot of extra fun bitz!
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My god.... the sarcasm there nearly shorted out my computer screen Nice.
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Default Re: Space wolves battle force

So to answer your question that would be a no. Although for the cost, it is more than worth it.
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