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Raven Guard, revised 1500pt Army List
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Raven Guard, revised 1500pt Army List

Hey, what do you all think about this Fluffy 1500pt Raven Guard Army. The terminators and dread may not be fully Rave Guard but they are my favorite marine units.




Assault Squad (10 marines)
-Vet Sergeant
-Teleport Homer
-Furious Charge

Terminator Squad (5 Terms)
-2x Assault CAnnon
-Tank Hunters

-Drop Pod
-Assault Cannon
-Storm Bolter


Tactical Squad (5 Marines)
-Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad (5 Marines)

Scout Squad (5 Scouts)
4x Sniper Rifles
1x Missile Launchers

Fast attack

Land Speeder Squadron
2x Landspeeder w/ multi-meltas

Land Speeder w/Multi-melta

Assault Squad (5 Marines)
-Veteran Sergeant
-Power Weapon
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Default Re: Raven Guard, revised 1500pt Army List

Take even numbered squad sizes (6, 8 and 10 men squads) This is for survivability and for VP's.

Also it might be nice if you post the total points cost of the units.

I can give you more comments but the most important thing I should change is the squad sizes.
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