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2000 point BT tourny list
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Default 2000 point BT tourny list

This Sunday I'm goin' to a tourny, and I'am taking my Black Templars for a change (haven't played them with the new codex yet), and I know theirs going to be a Deathwing player, another black templar players, mech tau, 'nids and Iron warriors... So would this be a good list against them?

Emperors Champion 125 points
suffer not the unclean to live

Marshall 135 points
holy orb of atrinoch, power ax, bolt pistol Iron Halo,bionics

10 sword bretheren 230 points
pair of lightning claws, power sword, counter attack, marshall

5 terminators 240 points
2 assault cannons

Dreadnougt 105 points

10 neophytes, 10 marines
power sword, flamer, frag grenades, emperors champion bolt pistols and CCW

6 marines 131 points
las cannon, plasma gun, bolters

6 marines points
las cannon, plasma gun, bolters

10 marines
power sword, flamer, bolt pistols and CCW

Fast Attack
5 assault marines 120 points
2 plasma pistols

5 assault marines 125 points
power fist
(I split them up so they can flank charge and so I can lend support to more areas on the table top)
Heavy Support

Las-predator 140 points

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 2000 point BT tourny list

Ditch the dreadnaught and something else in favour of another predator.
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Default Re: 2000 point BT tourny list

Some tips:

Take even numbered squad sizes (6, 8, 10 men squads)

The Dreadnought could use extra armour.

The two assault squads are too small to be effective. some of them will get killed before they reach combat.
8 men squads are the best IMO.

Only two armoured vehicles is asking to get smoked.

Also how are you going to get most of your squads into combat fast?
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Default Re: 2000 point BT tourny list

well BT gets shot and they can run because of our rules.......thought BT can't have power swords in normal squads
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Default Re: 2000 point BT tourny list

BT can have either a power weapon or power fist in tac squads. This is to balance out their inability to take veteran sargeants, who are the usual power-weaponry toting models in tac squads.

I'd take out the dread and predator, beef up the assault squads and get the 1st one a power fist, drop the power weapons for fists (they are just so much better its insane not to) and ask yourself if given your areas tourny make up (ie metagame) if a footslogging 'rine force can win you games.
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