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Battle Report
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Default Battle Report

I played a 2500 point 3-way with my DA against BA and nids yesterday. The scenario was the one where the three generals meet on a central terrain piece, whatever you can fit is in a "camp", and the rest are reserves.

It was a 8x4 board. The BA camp was on one side of the generals, a good 55" away from my camp, and the nid camp was 17" away on the same side as me. Some special rules were random turn order rolled every turn; 7 turns; only the generals (and accompanying command squads, if any) could act on the first turn; 250 point bonus for killing an enemy general; units in the camps could start rolling under their leadership to "notice the generals going at it" (it's supposed to be a truce or something), beginning on turn 2 (they automatically activate if shot at); and reserves start rolling on turn 3, instead of two.

Since vehicles use LD7, I elect to leave mine in reserves, along with my other (drop pod) HQ choice. The nid player deploys all 6-7 monstrous creatures and his warriors, leaving the gaunts in reserves due to their abysmal leadership. I really don't know what the BA player did for his, since he was too far away to be much of a factor after the rumble in the center.

I have 2 6-man plas/plas squads, 2 dual las minimum dev squads, a plasmariffic vennie dread, a cyclone termie squad, and an assault cannon termie squad deployed. One squad has a las razor for transport. Oh, and I have 6 scout snipers.

Turn 1: Blood angels gets first turn, charges my Librarian (with 5 meat shields, a familiar, iron halo, apothecary, and VoT). The Chaplain neatly removes all but the familiar, apothecary, and libby. A dozen or so power weapon attacks later, the librarian stands alone (btw, he knocked over 3 death company). That was a tactical error on my part. I should have taken some invulnerable saves on the libby, since a failed save wouldn't instakill him. Lastly, two powerfists swing. After rerolling, I fail...exactly...one...save. Ugh. But Veil of Time ROCKS!!!! The death company consolidates into the Hive Tyrant (with bodyguard). On the nids' turn, a few death company and all of the nid bodyguards go down.

Turn 2: BA gets first turn again. He finishes off the tyrant and limps into cover with 4 models remaining. Only one of his squads "wakes up" and begins the looooooong trek across the board, hoping to get in shouting distance of "the action" by the end of the game. I go second, and one of each type of squad wakes up, in addition to both sets of termies and the dread. I pour everything into the nearest carnifex, reducing it to one wound. On the nid turn, the shot at TMC auto-activates, and, miraculously, all of the TMCs wake up...but the warriors do not. He foolishly splits them up, sending three towards BA and two (inluding the one-wounder) towards me. Some shooting with barbed stranglers and stuff does zilch to my termies.

Turn 3: Nids get first turn. All three gaunt squads (one is numberless!) come in...but the warriors are still not active, and the flying carnifex (2+/6+ save) is headed towards the death company, so he holds the gaunts within synapse range of the warriors, advancing only with the TMCs. Even though the one-wounder starts the turn just under 11" away, he moves 6", then foolishly elects not to measure for a charge, estimating the remaining 5" as "too far". More shooting, this time into the massed troops in my "camp". 2-3 models fall. The winged carnifex eats the death company for breakfast, taking one wound in the process.

Blood angels are now out of the game except for some long range fires, which won't take effect till the end of the game, so I'll ignore them for a bit.

On my turn (yep, I went last...again), I get my trilas pred and one lanspeeder. The rest of my army in the camp wakes up. I try to peel that last wound on the carnie with my scouts, just for style points, but fail. ~sigh~ Well, I've brought a ton of lascannons, expecting to play against iron warriors, they work well against TMCs, too. So with lascannon and plasma cannon fire, I knock over the wounded fex and get another one down to one wound...maddening how many saves the bastard made against non-AP shooting! By now, my termies are 8" in front of my lines. Oh, and the nids TMCs all regenerate...but he got back exactly one wound the entire battle.

Turn 3: I go last again. The nid warriors finally wake up. The TMCs that were headed towards the BA turn around and come towards me, electing not to be shot down with long range shooting while crossing 40+ inches of open ground. The hill on which the HQs battled it out neatly screens both our armies from BA LOS. The fex with one wound left retreats, and all three squads of gaunts (60 or so models) swarm my terminators. One squad is evaporated, but the other miraculously takes one casualty from 70+ attacks...and dishes some back, so drawn combat. Oh, and one of those nasty lictors appears and charges the termies.

On my turn, I get my other speeder, leaving the HQ in reserve. I'm panicked about my battle brothers being swarmed by 50+ nids, so I deploy my scouts in a screen in front of them and move the forward squads back. This way, if the termies die, the scouts will pick up the consolidation move and die on his turn, letting me shoot my way out of this mess. Lascannon fire ruins the winged tyrant's afternoon, and the first tornado pots a warrior and a half. So we're down to just the warriors for synapse, and 3 TMCs left, one is on its last wound. I charge one group of gaunts with my dreadnaught, figuring to limit the enemy to about 25 gaunts charing my battle brothers if the scouts or termies fail at the wrong time. Well, one termie falls, leaving 4. I end up winning combat, and the gaunts that the dread charged are out of synapse (counting on the recently deceased tyrant) and run towards the warriors. The lictor falls.

Turn 4: I go first! Back to back turns! My lascannons kill another fex, leaving 2. My drop pod hits between the warriors and the swirling melee. Out pops my chaplain with 9 men, including a flamer. Between them and the tornado, the warriors are moved from the category of "still living" to the category of "suitably dealt with". The other tornado and the dreadnaught whittle the unlocked gaunt squad, then the dread charges in to rescue the embattled terminators. The termies die. One set of gaunts falls on the scouts, the other is locked with the dreadnaught.

Here, the Blood Angels intervene. Their last dreadnaught awakens, blood rages, steps 9" sideways, and barely manages a side shot on my pred (1" exposed from that angle). It falls to a glancing 6....curses!

The nids press the attack, charging my chaplain with both remaining TMCs and the suddenly appearing second lictor. Most of the bodyguards fall, but between the chaplain, powerfisting sergeant, and champion, the one-wounder fex falls, and the lictor takes a wound. The gaunts eat the scouts, but only get 2" consolidation, leaving them open to lots. and. lots. of shooting. The dread fails to hit his group of gaunts.

Turn 5: I go before nids. I wipe out the gaunts in the open (the previously whitled brood, and the ones with the 2" consolidation move). One of them is the numberless brood, so they'll be back... My dread kills one gaunt, but they pass leadership. My embattled HQ takes out the lictor, but the chaplain now stands alone versus the TMC, with no mantle, he might as well have only 1 wound.

On the nids turn, my chaplian dies, leaving 2 wounds on the fex. The numberless brood comes back and moves out at full speed to try and get some VP in the waning moments of the game. My dread again fails to kill any gaunts...this is getting monotonous...will I get them below half stength with only one turn remaining?

Oh, the blood angels put a "glancing 1" on one of my speeders.

Last Turn: Nids go first. The remaining fex lumbers into 5+ cover, seeking just to deny VP. One gaunt dies before the dreadnaught, they pass leadership again. The numberless ones don't get close enough to do anything but shoot. It is ineffectual

My turn. I get a flash of insight. I'm glad the gaunts are still "stuck in", cause I'm going to wipe them out...with luck. I corral them with my remaining vehicles, leaving nowhere to run. I shoot down the last TMC. My dreadnaught actually kills two gaunts this time...and they break, getting cut down in the crossfire of a razorback and two landspeeders.

Final tally was about 1850 VP for me, 1100 for the nids (including the 250 point bonus for killing a general), and 1050 for the BA (inluding 500 for killing two generals). If the BA had been close enough to be a factor in the fight, that 500 point bonus would have carried the day for them. As it was, they netted 900 points for two HQ kills, and only 150 the rest of the game.
A victorious slaughter for the Sons of the Lion!

Lessons learned:

1. Terminators are AWESOME against nid shooting....and against gaunt hordes. Prolly not so good against TMCs, (although, with multiple powerfists...) though.

2. Two lascannons in a 6 man squad is a great heavy choice for 160 points.

3. Plasma cannons are almost as good against hordes as they are against MEQs. Almost.

4. Tornadoes are as good against TMCs as they are against gaunts and warriors. 7 shots, and 4 of them rend? Is there anything these speeders can't do???

5. Dreads are great for locking hordes that can't hurt them, keeping them off of the infantry that they can hurt.

6. Recieving a charge from a horde while in cover is ineffective. Sure, you get to kill some models before you die, but what's removing even 5-6 models from a horde of 60 going to do when they're in CC range? Much better to sacrifice that cover for a better shooting position.
Due to an error in translation, the isolated colony of T'ves'kal'dai mistakenly worshiped the greater goose for seven generations. Reeducation efforts continue.

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Default Re: Battle Report

Nice job, but didnt it seem just a tiny bit unbalanced to change turn order every round to you guys?
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Default Re: Battle Report

~shrug~ It was part of the scenario rules...and besides, since it was random, it could potentially give any of the three armies involved the advantage of going twice before one or both of the other two...by virtue of going last in one turn, and first in the next. I believe that actually happened once for me, and once for the nid player....but that was purely the influence of the dice gods. I actually like it that way, it's a lot more interesting than the standard method. It makes it possible to act first in the first turn of the game, and still act last in the last turn...with good dice luck. Anything that brings more uncertainty to the game is to the advantage of the more adaptable thinker.
Due to an error in translation, the isolated colony of T'ves'kal'dai mistakenly worshiped the greater goose for seven generations. Reeducation efforts continue.

"Cheese for the cheese god! More wins for Pwn!"
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