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raven guard 1500pt army list
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Kroot Warrior
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Default raven guard 1500pt army list


i am going start raven guard. (after much deliberation about whther or not to play tau). i love the theme and shrike. i am going to create a very fluff/themed army accoriding to their chapter traits taking no heavy support but many anti-tack land speeders. what do you think of this list


Shrike 175pt


Terminator Squad (5 terms) 255pt
- 2x assault cannon
- tank hunters

Dreadnought 135pt
-Drop Pod

Assault Squad (10 marines) 305pt
-vet sergeant
-furious assault
-teleport homer


Tactical Squad (10 Marines) 166pt
-missile launcher

Tactical Squad (9 Mairnes) 151pt
-Missile Launcher

Scout Squad (7 Scouts) 121pt
-6x Sniper Rifles

Fast Attack

Land Speeder 65pt

Land Speeder 65pt

Land Speeder 65pt

Total 1500pt
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Default Re: raven guard 1500pt army list

Why in the world do you have flamers and missile launchers in the same squad? They serve entirely different purposes, you will never be able to use both effectivly. I'd stick with plasma guns.

The landspeeders are good, personally I'd rather have tornados but I dont know where you could get the 45 points needed for that upgrade. I'm suprised at the lack of assault marines too, you ARE playing raven gaurd, who usually mass assault marines.

Aside from that, I wouldn't use shrike. 175 points with nothing but a normal power armor save isn't my idea of a good investment. If you do use him for fun take his bodygaurd, theres nothing better than getting into combat turn one through infiltrate+stealth+jump pack movement, and they tear up everything in sight.
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Default Re: raven guard 1500pt army list

Good choice on Shrike, rending FTW ;D. Hes fluffy too.

Terminators are cool, not very cool for raven gaurd though, more assault marines IMO.

Dreadnaught, same with terminators, but if you must...

Assault squad, If you want a more badass assault squad for that price, take shrikes wing >.

Tactical squads: wtf? flamers and missile launchers? make the squads smaller and more specialised, IE: lascannons for tank hunting, Heavy bolter or just bolters for infantry. if not, more assault marines! These are raven gaurd after all.

Scout snipers? Nice.

Land speeders, ultimate tank hunting unit, If you have the points to spare I would go the extra mile and give them assault cannons/heavy bolters, that way they can tank hunt and infantry slay.
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Default Re: raven guard 1500pt army list

to be honest, your probably better off losing the terminators and maybe the dread. the great thing about raven guard is the ability to take a crapload of jump pack troops. the only army that can have more is the blood angels, and that's only if you take your hq's with jump pack and command squad.

personally if I were to play raven guard (and I almost did, shrike is so cool I almost layed down my dark angels) I would try to maximize the number of assault marines that you're allowed to have. you can leave the anti-tank armament to your troop choices (or just give the assault marines melta bombs)

also, flamers aren't really that great a choice to begin with, but adding them to a unit with any heavy weapons in the squad makes the flamer even worse. it forces you to choose wether you want to hang back and fire the missile launcher or move closer so that you might be able to fire the flame thrower. you would be much better off getting a plasma gun instead.
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