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Need help on making a new SM army
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Default Need help on making a new SM army

Right, I decided to follow up my iron warrior army with the chapter it betrayed in my fluff. The emperor's acolytes, I just want alittle help in deiciding my list. My chapter has the Scions of mars, Honour your wargear traits and the aspire to glory draw back.

The Emperor's Acolytes: -

The emperor's acolytes beleive they are the one and only true chapter entrusted by the emeperor, the deviation in their gene seed makes them see visions of the emperor in his golden armour, informing them of missions and tatics to use. These visions have only failed them once.

They are a chapter that have similar routes to the white scars but play a very different battleplan. With the information from their visions, commanders launch heavily armed, power armoured troops into enemy territory, fully confident in the information the emperor gave them, following up.

They ail from the betrayal of most of the chapter who moved the powers of chaos as the iron warriors, finding themselves weaken. Help came in the forms of the adeptus mechanius faction in a nearby system which supplied a new leader, Tech marine Phobane, the other, a hive world protected by convention of gunman that earned favour enough to be selected to become space marines.

Now, Lead by Probane along with Captain Grendal, picked from the ranks for his finesse in battle, they lead the chapter in listening and interperiting the visions they see.

I hope that helps
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