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Bat Rep: Calgar vs. Gaz w/ pics
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Default Bat Rep: Calgar vs. Gaz w/ pics

My gamming group for the first time ever is hosting a special character tournament. The rules are pretty simple each army must supply a special character in their respective lists. All requirements are ignored i.e. point minimums, opponents permission and so forth. I reveled in the fact that Marnues Calgar was coming off my display case and would get some much-needed action. With the tourney a week away I decided to test out a list with Calgar.

Ultramarine’s 2nd Company
H.Q. Calgar
5 x Honor Guard 1 Banner Bearer, Champion, all with CCW and P-weapons.
Razorback w/ Twin Linked Las extra armor and smoke.

Tactical 1: 10 Marines, Heavy Bolter, meltagun
Rhino: smoke and extra armor.

Tactical 2. x 5 marines
Razorback: Twin Linked Heavybolters, extra armor

Heavy Support

Devastator 1: 4x Heavybolters, % man sqd.

Devastator 2: x 3 Lascannons


Terminator Sqd. x5 1 Assault cannon

Waaag Gaz

Warlord Tharaka
x5 Nobs 1 P-Claw, rest has slugga and choppa
wartrukk: Red paint, Grot Riggas, Rokkitz

Stormboyz x 6 Nob w/P-fist

Skarboys x 5

Sluggaboyz 1 x 16 3 rokkitz, nob w/ p-fist

Sluggaboyz 2 x 16 1 rokkit, 2 big shootaz, nob w/ pfist

Gotz mob x 27 grots and Slaver

Fast Attack:
Buggies sqd. x 2 buggies w/twin linked rokkitz

Bike sqd. x 5 1 nob

Trukk Boys sqd. x 6 boys 3 burnas, nob w/pclaw

Deployment: Devastator 1 took the ruins on my right side. They are sporting 4 Heavybolters so with the orks having huge mobs would draw them more towards the middle. Devastator 2 with the Lascannons occupied the ruined building on the right side. Tactical 1 deployed in their transport in the center. Tactical 2 hid behind template terrain just behind Devastator 2. Termines also near by with Calgar and the honor guard, forming a strong left side.

Orks Deployment: Grots and Slugga one take the left flank. Slugga 2 in the middle, whilst Gaz trukk is on the right. In front of Gaz is the Trukk Boyz and in front of them the buggies forming a vehicle screen. Bikes also deploy on that side along with the stormboyz countering my strong flank.

Ultras Turn 1:
Movement: Calgar’s Razorback moves forward to get an angle at the buggies. Termies also take cover behind some spaceship wreckage.
Shooting: Calgar’s Razorback destroys one of the buggies. Devastator 2 takes aim at the bikes and takes one out.
Combat: N/A

Orks Turn 1:
Movement Slugga 1 moves forward along with the grot mob on the weak side flank. Buggies and Trukks speed forward twards Devastator 2. Stormboyz jump within inches of my termies!!! Slugga 2 pulls up the rear on the Orkz strong side flank.
Shooting: One Rokkit nails the Rhino of Tactical 1. but only glances it and stuns the vehicle.
Combat: Orkz forget their charge!! Leaving my termies alive….MAHAHA big mistake.

Ultras 2
Movement: Termies reposition for maximum killage. Calgar’s Razorback moves behind the termies lining up a shot at a now exposed trukk!
Shooting: Calgar’s Razor back scores an explosion on the Trukkboyz Trukk killing 2 boyz and two bikes! Devastator 2 takes another 2 bikes down. Termies unload on the Stormboyz killing all save one who runs away.
Combat: N/A

“OOOwwwoooo dat did not ‘urt”

Orkz 2:
Movement: Stormboy flys back to the ruins. The remaining buggie pulls up next to Calgar’s razor back. Slugga 1, 2 and the grots continue to huff it forward. The remaing bike moves closer to Devastator 2, in a daring attempt Gaz’z trukk tries to jump over the crater that was once a trukk but it’s tires get stuck in the mud! Gaz and the boyz have to jump out and huff it towards the dug in marines.
Shooting: Gaz’z buggies shoots a rokkit right at Calgar’s Razor and scores a penetrating hit. Calgar and the honor guard bail out.
Combat: Nadda

“We walk from here…”

Ultras 3:
Movement: Calgar and company move to the strong side to support the termies.
Shooting: Calgar and company bolter the last bike to death. Devastator 2 immobilize the blitzing buggie. Devastator one finally has range on something, well just the grots and kills 7 of them.
Combat: And still nadda (so far my defenses are holding)

“Brother Daruis do you not love being a devastator? We they just walk into our fire, just like boot camp.”

Orks 3: Everything moves forward in their respective strait lines right for my defenses. Gaz and his boys decided to b-line to the Termies, but they are still a few turns away.
Shooting: Slugga 2 lands a rokkit and destroys Calgar’s Razorback.
Combat: yeah, still nothing….

Ultra’s 4th
Movement: Tactical 2’s razor back decides to set up for the counter charge. It moves out from the back line to support the Calgar and the Honor guard.
Shooting: Devastator 1 kills the last buggie. Devastator 2 Kills some grots 2 more…uh wow…not much.
Combat: ummmm….no

Orkies 4th
Movement Slugga 1 and the Grots get with in firing range of Devastator 1, Gaz continues to hike towards the termies., now running along side the remaining trukk boyz Slugga 2 inches closer to Devastator 2.
Shooting: Slugga 2 nails Tactical 1’s rhino forcing and evac and auto pin due to the wreckage.
Combat: Seriously nothing J

Ultra’s 5th
Yikes! Trukkboys will be in charge range next turn!
Movement: Everyone digs and braces for impact.
Shooting: Termies now target the trukkboys and kill all of them! Devastator 1 destroys the last trukk! Some more grots die to heavy bolters.
Combat: What do you think? Yeah nothing..so far I have held my ground and half built a lead going into my final turn. But the Orcs are closing in.

Orkies 5th
Move closer to Devastator 1, Slugga 1 swerves toward Tactical 1. Gaz and his boyz walk over the crashed shipped to find my termies…uh, oh….
Shooting: Grots kill 1 of the Devastator 1.
Combat: Gaz and his boys charge in. Choppas make short work of my terrmies killing 2. But he placed Gaz in base with 2 of my termies we swing simo I get 2 wounds on the legendary warlord and he in turns cleaves 2 termies. The remaining one pass ld test thank to Calgars’ special rule.

Ultra’s Final turn:
Movement: Ok, he got my termies, but they took out two of his units. Now I position Calgar and the honor guard for a massive counter charge.
Shooting: 6 gots die to heavy bolters, and then run! Tactical 1 fires and kills one orc from slugga 1, devastator 2 kills two of slugga 2 and the razorback of tactical 2 kills 2 more of slugga 2.
Combat: Calgar charges Gazkull’s unit unfortuantley he could not make contact with Gaz only his boyz. Combat was brutal, the honor guard only inflicts a single wound on a nob. Then calgar and the powerclawed nob go simo, galgar takes 2 nobs down but gets killed by a mere nob! I hang my head in shame…Marnues has fallen on my watch! Too add the final blow orc choppas cut the last termie down. plus 2 honor guard fall. The remaining honor guard mob in and so does GAZ!!!

“You want to live forever?”

Orkies Final go:
Movement: The green hoard is upon us! With the Chapter Master fallen and the Termies destroyed the orcs gather for the final push into my lines. Slugga 1 moves towards tactical sqd. 1 and sugga 2 surround the ensuing combat between Gaz and Calgar honor guard.
Shooting: None
Combat: Slugga 2 joins the battle with Gaz, Slugga 1 charges Tactical …In combat the honor guards attempted to land the final wound on Gaz but fail. They are quickly destroyed. Tactical 1loses 4 marines to slugga 1’s chpoppas

End score:
Ultramarines: 723
Waaag Gazkull: 781

Lessons learned: 1. fear the ork choppa: Wow I have not faced orks much, but nobs at str. 4 with choppas equal death to termies.
2. Target Priority: I am pretty new to this game…taking LD tests to shoot passed grots would be a good ideal.
3. It’s not just the big guns: If I had used my tactical sqds. basic weapon I think the ork advance would have been tharted.
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Default Re: Bat Rep: Calgar vs. Gaz w/ pics

Good battle and deffinetly good lessons learned. The bolter is really a good weapon so use it. Bolter traps of doom can do just that, spell doom for an approaching enemy. Plus grots are there just too get shot, shoot down the boys first then clean up whatever grots are left.

Also templates are your friend, bring a whirlwind and/or maybe some missil launchers instead of lascannons, when those buggies are knocked down you can start shooting frag missils. Lastly you can try putting the odd flamer or two in a squad. If they get too close move back just far enough to be out of charge range. Next turn move forward, flame and rapid fire or flame and charge.

Nice try though, you learn more from defeats than victories anyhow.

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