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Word Bearers pre Heresy
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Default Word Bearers pre Heresy


I am interested in how you could model the Word Bearers before the heresy....army composition, traits etc. I suspect they may already have been led by "Apostolic" types. I believe they were not in red either.

I am hoping to build a 1500 pt army that can be used either as faithful or heretical Word Bearers.

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Default Re: Word Bearers pre Heresy

Uphold the Honor of the Emperor
Have Pride in your Colors


Suffer Not the Heretics to Live
Have Pride in your Colors
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Default Re: Word Bearers pre Heresy

Really you wouldn't need to use any traits for a pre-heresy word bearers army.

However I would suggest the army is lead by a master of sanctity. Do not include a Master, only a catpatain, and if he has a command squad add a Reclusiarch to it.

If you do take traits I'd recomend the one that gives tac sqauds and assault squads Furious charge (can't recall it's name at the moment) to represent the armies righteous fury and zeal.

Couple it with Have Pride in your colours as a drawback (definitley most appropriate here).

Modelling wise scouts could be modeled to look like monks. Long robes, censers and so on.
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Default Re: Word Bearers pre Heresy

They're fanatically imperial, so Uphold the Honour of the Emperor fits in well.
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