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Contemplating Marines
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Default Contemplating Marines

Well I still have a good bit of funds left from some work I did a while ago and much of it has gone into finishing my Tau army and soon that will be the case, it will be done. However Ive always wanted to start a marine army in particular Blood Ravens but there is a limit to what I can spend with prom and the end of the year coming up there are other things demanding monitary attention so I would like to know roughly how large a force, that is how many points the mega force would be with roughly this kit so your not guestimating:

Master, power weapon, storm bolter, adamantine cloak, purity seals, terminator honors
Command Squad, company champion, veteran sergeant w/ power fist and plasma pistol, marine with melta gun, apothicary

Razorback, heavy bolter turret (I think thats one of the options) extra armor and smoke launchers if it can have them.

Terminator squad (5), sergeant with power weapon and storm bolter, 1 termi with assault cannon and power fist, 3 termies with storm bolter and power fist

Tactical squad 1 (10), sergeant with close combat weapon and plasma pistol, 7 marines with bolters, 1 marine with melta gun, 1 marine with plasma gun

Tactical squad 2 (10), sergeant with bolt pistol & close combat weapon, 7 marines with bolters, 1 marine with flamer, 1 marine with rocket launcher

Tactical squad 3 (5) sergeant with bolt pistol and close combat weapon, 4 marines with bolters

I would like to know how many points that roughly is so I know how big a force it is. I would like to try and get at least a 750-1000 point force made and ready so I dont have to add to it for a while and can just get it and have enough to play some moderate sized games till I again have time to build it up. So if someone with the codex could quickly tally what that pointage is I would appreciate it. I need to know how much in addition to that I need to get to make a decent army. I was thinking a predator and dreadnaught but thats pushing it money wise so I would like to know. Thanks.

Lastly would that even be an effective list? At that points level it lacks much anti armor but there shouldnt be many tanks anyways. Im not to sure though Ive never played marines just killed them.

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Default Re: Contemplating Marines

First I would suggest reading my Article about Space Marines here:SPACE MARINES UNIT SELECTION GUIDE

This article will help you building an effective army list.

I have counted your army and it reaches about 1300 points.

I think you should start building an army list of 1000 points.

Your list now have some things in it that should be taken out. For example: the Master is way to expensive, a single tank is asking to get smoked, take even numbered squads (6, 8 & 10 men squads)
your command squad, terminators and the third tac squad are not.
All those Veteran sarges with plasma pistol are way too expensive.

Actually the first thing you should do is to get the Codex. Then you should build an army list.
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