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Terminator Squad Loadout
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Default Terminator Squad Loadout

I'm seeking advice on the 'optimum' load out for a Terminator Squad (not the Assault Terminators just the regular ones).

Is the Cyclone worth having?

Powerfist or Chainfist?

Assault Cannons or Heavy Flammers?

How would you load out the squad for general combat against an unknown adversary?
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Default Re: Terminator Squad Loadout

6 Terminators, 2 assault cannons, 1 chainfist.
Total: 285 points

6 Terminators means that the squad must be reduced to two models to lose scoring status.

The assault cannon is an amazing weapon against anything. The two assault cannons alone give you 8 shots and a pretty decent chance of getting at least one penetrating hit on any tank.
If fighting lots of smaller vehhichles tank hunters would be worth it for this squad as not only does it give an impressive 8 Strength 7 assault cannon shots, it also makes the storm bolters strength 5 vs vehichles! However tank hunters is optional.

Finally the chainfist is in there for two reasons. First it means if anyone gets a dreadnought into combat with that unit you'll ensure that you kill it. Secondly chainfists are really cool! They're basically industial saws used in combat!
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Default Re: Terminator Squad Loadout

the cyclone missile launcher is usually not worth the points, however you do have longer range and the ability to fire it and the storm bolter, which can be helpful.

the best loadout is the 2 assault cannons in a five man squad. the reason I say five man squad is that you can load it into a landraider or drop pod. yes you lose a scoring unit faster than if you took a unit of six, but five is more flexible.

in my opinion the flamer is worthless. by the time you get in range you have had plenty of chances to kill the unit you want to open fire on with the flamer. you are better off making your terminators a shooty unit that can survive if they get into close combat than you are if you try to be a hand to hand. if you want that go with a terminator assault squad.

chainfists, I always try to take two in my squads. they may not always get used, but the low points cost and the help they give on the outside chance they get into close combat with a vehicle makes it worth it.
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Default Re: Terminator Squad Loadout

Point-wise, I'm not sure if the Cyclones are worth it, but I did manage to take out a Hammerhead with a single termi (I can't remember if my friend's Fire Prism helped, probably, but still, it's a decent weapon to have).
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Default Re: Terminator Squad Loadout

it's METT-T dependent.

In cityfight, or a campaign that will contain a good bit of cityfight, it might be worthwhile to take one flamer and one assault cannon.

Against hordes, take cyclone, no questions asked. 2 shots and a blast template is better than 4 shots whose strength is excessive anyway.

The other 95% of the time, two assault cannons...which is boring, but effective. just don't take multiple min/max dual-assault-cannon squads if you care about being called a cheesemonger.
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Default Re: Terminator Squad Loadout

Example of a Terminator squad:

- Sergeant with power weapon and storm bolter
- 2 Terminators with Assault cannons and power fists
- 3 Terminators with Storm bolters and power fists

This squad costs 280 points. Assault cannons are the best heavy weapon choice. The amount of fire, the strength and the rending ability make this a rightly feared weapon. This weapon is able to take down anything. A heavy flamer is better left at home, you will only fire it when you will be really close, you will probably only fire it once or twice a game. A Cyclone missile launcher is an expensive choice, do you want your Terminators to be an anti tank squad? Better served for other units. Chainfists should only be considered when you are mostly certain that you will fight in close combat with a tank.

But it al depends on the rest of your army. Does it already includes a devastator squad with missile launchers? Then the cyclone won't be needed. A clever opponent will stay away from terminators, so you will have a hard time getting in range to make the Flamer effective. Also it is better to shoot down vehicles, if a tank has moved in the previous turn you will have a hard time hitting the tank. There is only a small chance the you will actually use your Chainfist.
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Default Re: Terminator Squad Loadout

The only real niche for Cyclone lauchers is in all-Termie Deathwing lists, where there isn't even a single Land Raider or Dread. Ranged antiarmor fire is then crucial, even if it's too expensive for it's capabilities.

Otherwise, I'd stick exclusively to Assault Cannons, even Vs Hordes, as odds are there will be plenty of armor and, most of all, diehard elite troopers or Monstrous Creatures that will ruin your Termies' day in the blink of an eye. Ruin their's first, that's the tao of SunTzu .
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Default Re: Terminator Squad Loadout

~shrug~ ask a nid palyer whether he'd rather take two S4 shots and a frag template or 4 S6 shots against his gaunts...

But I do agree that most of the time, deathwing will have more use for cyclones than anyone else.
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Default Re: Terminator Squad Loadout

Cyclones for Hordes, Assault for norm. As all others said.
And I'm with March on this one; the blast template will be able to target 3-5. and the SB 2. So thats 5-7 shots. More shots is better.

Also consider range. The cyclone puts your terminator at a comfortable distance fomr the horde. An Assault Cannon will be uncimfortably close-if your within 24" of a horde, and you let them get there, then you messed up. Becuase in 1 or two turns they will be swamped.
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Default Re: Terminator Squad Loadout

Blasts are rather hit and miss. Some people space very well, other people crowd in...
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