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My own Chapter Trait
Closed Thread
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Kroot Shaper
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Default My own Chapter Trait

I am looking for my next army to collect and, whilst trawling through codexs, I came upon the Space Marines Trait System. Now, I am wanting to play a shooty army in one way or the other (NOT tau, eldar etc.) to make a change from my regular Tyranid one. Space marines however, do not have many traits that benefit shooting, and with this in mind i took it upon myself to create a new chapter trait. The trait i came up with is as follows:

Slow and purposeful becomes a veteran ability for Tactical and Devastator squads to take at +3 points per model, if taken this must be taken by the entire squad.

However if you take this trait advantage you must take the minor disadvantage:

Armoury close combat specific items (ie Powerfists/weapons, Storm Shields, etc.) are 1/2 as many points (rounded up) again as their stated points cost. eg. a Thunder hammer would cost 30 (Armoury cost) + 15 (30/2) = 45 points each. This only applies to selections specifically from the armoury.

What do you think of this advantage, is it too uber, too pathetic?
All comments welcome.
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Default Re: My own Chapter Trait

The advantage seams fine, the disadvantage seams a bit restrictive. With all the other traits you get to pick the distadvantage with this one you have take a specific disadvantage, whic is something I'm not keen on.

I would hav eprefered the disadvantge to prevent you from having something rather than increaseing costs. Something like may only have 0-1 Fast Attack Selections? All marines must be may not exchage bolter for bolt pisto and cc weapon...

Whay do you think?
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Default Re: My own Chapter Trait


To be honest, this trait seems a little overbalancing. There is a very good reason in the name of balance why Space Marines do not already have access to any kind of Slow and Purposeful trait. Just look at the Thousand Sons in the Chaos codex - they are given Slow and Purposeful, but are not allowed heavy weaponry at all. Mobile heavy weaponry in a Space Marine squad is just too powerful.

Now, Marines do not really need traits to make them shooty, although there are a couple that do help - Suffer Not The Works of Heretics, Honour Your Wargear and even Cleanse And Purify. However, Marines have enough variety of units to make them totally shooty if you want - Devastator squads, static Tactical squads with heavy weaponry and mobile Landspeeders, Bikes and Tanks with heavy weaponry. You don't need traits to make it work.

If you really do want to make another Trait - something that enables Marines with heavy bolters to be fitted with Suspensors (like Deathwatch), effectively enabling the heavy bolter to be fired as an assault weapon (albeit with reduced range).

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Default Re: My own Chapter Trait

That one would probably work, giving a kind of "mobile firepower" idea. And SM are meant to be a mobile kind of army, applying lots of force to wherever it's needed and redeploying quickly.
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Default Re: My own Chapter Trait

Space marines already have amazing shooty power.
Space marines:
BS4, S4, AP5, Rapid fire
Imperial Guard
BS3, S3, AP-, Rapid fire

Each space marines is armed with a mini grenade launcher, you can take devestator squads, you can take plasma cannons in normal squads (i like plasma cannons).

If you want to use traits, suffer not the work of heretics is fine, as you can have 3 dev squads and 3 big tanks, or 6 dev squads, very impressive. that is a potential 24 plasma cannons, you could be blowing up an average of 1.5 marines per turn!!(not exactly, please dont correct the maths)
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Default Re: My own Chapter Trait

hes also forgetting the trait that allows you to field devastators as elites and heavies. yes, you can't move and fire them, but it allows you to have so much firepower in your army it's not funny. makes your opponent have to be very careful in their movement or else they might not make it across.

think about it, against nids' take nothing but missile launchers and heavy bolters. assuming you take the six full squads of devastators and you max out your army (and since you're going for firepower anyway - 9 landspeeders with assault cannons) thats roughly 34 heavies that can be either heavy bolter or missile launcher, 9 additional heavy bolters, and 9 assault cannons. give the nids first turn (unless they have something that can assault first turn) and just blast away.

also works against orks, eldar, tau, imperial guard, dark eldar, and any army with a high armor save (4+). if you make the 34 heavies all missile launchers then it will work against MEQ's too.

the only problem is that its really expensive points wise, but I just wrote it up to give you an idea. ;D
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Default Re: My own Chapter Trait

The trait that gives you Apothecaries in squads can help shooty marines. Heck, so can the trait that gives you an extra turn at the end of the game. Trust your Battle Brothers can help your shooty squads defend themselves in hth. See but Don't be seen gives you the potential to force your opponent to set up almost their entire army before you set up your own, complete with great LoS on all the juicy targets. I fail to see the problem.
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Default Re: My own Chapter Trait

devastator squads with Slow and Purposeful would be horribly powerful.
they could disembark from vehicles and fire heavy bolters, mult-meltas, etc

the whole point with heavy weapon squads such as Devastators is that you have to think about deployment; deployment is one of the more important aspects of 40k
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Default Re: My own Chapter Trait

Its not a question as to make a "shooty" trait, its how can you use the current traits to beneift your shooty army.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: My own Chapter Trait

Thankyou, I think I will try and use the current traits and see what happens.
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