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Power Fist Bitz & Sniper Scouts
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Default Power Fist Bitz & Sniper Scouts

1) I was thinking of starting up a small army of Blood Angels and have outfitted every squad with a Vet Sgt in case they succomb to the rage to get the free power first/weapon but I can't find any death company models with power fists, nor can I find many models armed with power fists. Anyone have an idea where I can get power fists? I thought they would come on a sprue in the tac marine box set but I didn't see any

2) Anyone know when the new sniper scout squad is being released. I can't find the old models anywhere
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Default Re: Power Fist Bitz & Sniper Scouts

I got good and better news for you. the good news - you're playing blood angels so you might want to take a few units of assault marines (makes sense to me) the better news - when you buy the five man plastic assault marines squad box, it comes with a power fist ( and two power weapons, and a storm sheild....)

as far as the sniper scouts are concerned, there is a rumor that they will be released this summer with the city of death (medusa V) but its just a rumor so.
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Default Re: Power Fist Bitz & Sniper Scouts

The commander box and blood claws boxes also have a power fist in them aswell if I remember right.

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lonely tau
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Default Re: Power Fist Bitz & Sniper Scouts

i do believe you can special order the bits but otherwise i know they have them in the crusader pack (i think only 1-2 though)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Power Fist Bitz & Sniper Scouts

Blood Angels Seargent 1 (9947010107106) is a nice figure. Other figures that has power fists:

Captain With Veteran Honours (99060101250),
Space Marine Sergeant 1 (9947010101103),
Space Marine Sergeant 2 (9947010100901),
Space Marine Veteran Body 2 (9947010130024)

You can also buy kits like the following:

Space Marine Commander
Space Marine Command Squad
Space Marine Veterans
Space Marine Assault Squad

The command sprue and the assault sprue each contains one power fist. They are not the same version.
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Default Re: Power Fist Bitz & Sniper Scouts

as well as being in the assault squad, commander and command squad boxes, the Space Wolf/ 13th Company boxes, and the BT boxes, you can get this sprue:


and yes, the sniper scouts are out this summer. I can't remember if the release date is in the current WD, but they're listed on the little leaflet you can pick up at GW stores
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Default Re: Power Fist Bitz & Sniper Scouts

Have no fear, the Squid is here!

Go to this site: www.battlewagon-bits.com

You can buy the majority of space marine plastics there as individual bits...I recently bough 6 powerfist through them.

very good place to get that odd bit that you don't want to have to buy a sprue for.

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Default Re: Power Fist Bitz & Sniper Scouts

The there's eBay, where you can get just about anything, or you can use a converted CSM one.
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