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captain lysander as ordinary captain
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Old 28 Apr 2006, 11:52   #1 (permalink)
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Default captain lysander as ordinary captain


if i were to start a blood ravens company, would it be plausible to use lysander as a blood ravens captain in terminator armour, thunder hammer and storm shield.

he would dominate, deep strike him and bam. 4+ invulnerable, 2+ normal

would it be wise to give in a command squad(only looking at 100pts)

Also, what units can you include in a Sm 100pts army. i really like dreads and terminaotrs but i think they would be too expensive to include together with another 2 tac squads, assault squad, and devastator squad.

any advice appreciated
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Default Re: captain lysander as ordinary captain

erhm, sure you can use him.. but a model in term. armor only has a 5+ inv save...
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Default Re: captain lysander as ordinary captain

you can use him as a captain for your army, just not as Lysander. unless you are playing the imperial fists you can't take him as a special character, much like you can't take saint celestine or ibram gaunt.

However I think hes getting the 4+ invulnerable from the storm sheild, but thats only in close combat. if hes shot at you have to use either his 2+ normal or his 5+ invulnerable.
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Default Re: captain lysander as ordinary captain

I like the Lysander model, but personally wouldn't ever take a captain armed with a thunder hammer and storm shiel, especially when they have terminator armour. would be useful against some things, but I'd much rather have a power weapon instead of the shield.
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