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I need you're help building a 1000pt army
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Kroot Warrior
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Default I need you're help building a 1000pt army

I have just started my 4th army (I already have IG, Orks, and Deamonhunters) and I am in need of help for creating my 4th army, which will be geared to beating the people I normally play with. Feel up to a challenge?

I already have...
2 tactical squads
1 combat squad
2 land speeders with multi meltas

My opponent's current armies are...
Knight Lords (my main target)
-he likes to bum rush
-he has champions, bikes, and always fields a normal chaos marine squad, a close combat squad and generic box havocs

other armies

-mech tau
-average tau
-pure thousand sons
-normal space marines
-Pure Grey knights

any help would be immensly appriciated, I usually build armies for the hobby aspect, but I would really like to beat these guys consistantly!

I'll give updates and battle reports after I've tried suggestions

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Default Re: I need you're help building a 1000pt army

i sugest devestators and/or a vindicator. i would also get a libarian as your comander predators are also nasty as are dredanoughts.
i hope i have been of some asistance
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Default Re: I need you're help building a 1000pt army

first take a master or commander so that your entire army can use his leadership. If you have the points after that then take a librarian as your second HQ.

next your going to want a lot of armor popping, so may I suggest a devastator squad with 2 missile launchers and 2 plasma cannons. the missiles can either instant kill one marine or be used with the template to maybe kill 2 or 3, and the plasma cannon usually kills 2 models under the template per shot. you might also want to look into buying a techmarine to join this unit. you don't have to upgrade him at all, you just want to use his signum in case you roll that dreaded 1 on the to hit with the plasma cannons.

dreads are always good. they can carry some heavy weapons for you, are good if they get stuck in hand to hand and you know that your opponent is going to be sending firepower at them to try to kill it, thus saving the rest of your army for a turn or two from their heavy weapons.

vindicators, once within that magic 24" range are in my opinion the BEST tank in the game. it uses the large blast template, instakills anything that can be instakilled that gets hit by it, ignores all normal saves, and you don't have to roll to hit. just point, shoot and boom - one dead unit. I had one game where it was able to destroy three units of grey hunters over 2 turns.

now alltogether those three things are too much to fit in your 1000 pts with everything you have already, but one or two of the ideas should more than help against everything you said you have to face.
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