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2000p Marines list might need some changes
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Old 27 Apr 2006, 17:23   #1 (permalink)
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Default 2000p Marines list might need some changes

I've been plundering about, making lists again.
Could need some C&C please.

My tactic is to use a "claw" manouver.
It is to keep the tac squads and scouts back, giving supporting fire, whilt the bikes and assault squad takes one flank each. The dreads and the raider loaded with CCmarines are to go forward on the middle. (I have only lost twice in all my time using this tactic )

Master with lightning claws and iron halo
Company Champion
2xFlamer marines
5xCC marines

Dreadnought with assault cannon, DCCW with Heavy Flamer
Dreadnought TL Lascannon
10xVeterans (In Land Raider), Power Weapon, Power Fist, rest CCW

7xTactical marines Lascannon, Plasma gun
7xTactical marines Plasma Cannon, Plasma gun
9xScouts Heavy Bolters, 6xSnipers, 2xBolters

Fast Attack
10xAssault Marines Flamer, Plasma Pistol, Terminator honors, Power Fist
5xBikes+Attack Bike (with Multi-melta), Plasma gun, Melta gun, Terminator honors, Power Fist

Total 2000p

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Old 27 Apr 2006, 23:56   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: 2000p Marines list might need some changes

Oh___the allmighty 'Pincer' maneuver! Nice >!

It seems your list is doing quite fine as it is, though my sole gripe with it is that it lacks troops and punch.

The idea of using the Land Raider to make your delivery run is pretty sound. However, it does gobble up a lots of points into a huge hunk of plastic that can easily be brought down through a (not so) lucky shot, crippling a good part of your offensive easily.
Furthermore, if if your Vet squad makes it to enemy lines, there will be times they'll be deprived of support, due to having the Assault squad and Biker squadron being tied down in the flanks. When that happens, your Vet squad will easily be swamped down and neutralized. If the Vet squad gets to enemy lines with 1 or 2 other supporting units, even if only mostly shooty ones, it won't be brought down so easily.

So, I'd suggest swapping the Land Raider for 3 Rhinos__1 for the Vets, 1 for the Command squad and ideally, 1 for an additional close-in squad, whethers a Tac or Vet squad. That way, odds are that at least 1 Rhino, if not 2, makes it to enemy lines. Of course, you can't have your troops charge immediately after disembarking from a Rhino, unlike as for a Land Raider, but the exchange from speed to increased reliability is very much worth it I think.

An added bonus to using Rhinos is that these can provide additional cover that the Assault squad and Biker squadron can handily use, as, let's face it, these aren't by nature terribly resilient units. Anyways, their mobility makes them better suited as Fast Reaction units, where you pitch them in wherever needed, whether it's in the flanks or in the middle.

But you'll still need decent Flanking units___ones that strike the Fear of Our Holy Emperor's Retaliation into the the vile heretic, mutant or xeno's heart. And in the Marine forces, there's nothing better than the ubiquitous Vindicator ;D.

The Vindie has decent armor and mobility, but it's its intense withering firepower that make your opponents give pause. Who wants having anything coming within 24" of one? Nobody___at least of an operational one. That's why it'll need Extra Armor, so it can retreat behind cover as needed, as well as Dozer Blades, so you can have it sit within Area Terrain so to gain Obscurement's possible benefits, while dropping the odds of having it immobilized. Then, add a 2nd Vindie, for you'll need one on each flanks.

Of course, this means you'll have to drop something so you can field them and I guess the most obvious candidates should be the Dreads___they've got somewhat poor Armor values and they're too slow to help apply pressure in the front lines, so I guess they're it.
This would mean however, you'd have to drop the 2nd Tac squad's Plasma Cannon, as well as the Scout's Hvy Bolter, in favor another Lascannon and a Missile Launcher, as you'll need ranged Antiarmor coverage so to get rid of opposing armor.

Oh yeah, you've forgot to mention which was the Vet squad's Vet Skill, though I'll consider it's Furious Charge.
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Old 28 Apr 2006, 00:54   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: 2000p Marines list might need some changes

Well. Because of trying to build a stable economy at the moment, the rhinos are on hold :
I use the heavy bolter on the scouts because of range issues with the sniper rifles. But the plasmacannon is changable. However, I would like to keep my dreadnoughts, sure they are a bit slow, but they throw forth some nice pain on their way towards the enemy. And the squad in the landraider would tie up the opponent until the dreads arrive.
But anyways, very helpful tips. Thanks
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