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13th Company Vs Emperors Children - 1000 Point Battle Report
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Default 13th Company Vs Emperors Children - 1000 Point Battle Report

Mission: Take and Hold, Alpha
Table Size: 6 x 4
Points: 1000
Armies: 13th Company Vs. Emperors Children

Objective: Large Tower

Basic Armies:

Emperors Children

Lord w/ Stature/speed
Dreadnought w/ lascannon
6 Noise marines w/ sonic blasters, champion
6 Noise marines w/ bolt pistols, CCWS, rhino, champion
2x 6 Daemonettes
3 Slanesh bikers

13th Company

Wulfen Lord w/ frost blade
6 Storm Claws w/ 1 pfist retinue
Rune Priest w/ storm sheild, frost blade
8 Grey slayers w/ 2 meltas, leader
6 Grey Slayers w/ 2 plasma guns
6 Wulfen
10 Fenriasian wolves

Other terrain: Scattered ruins over the table, mostly closer to the long table edges leaving lots of manuvering space in the center.

Turn 1

The Emperors children got first turn. Their dreadnought restrained itself and advanced forward to draw line of sight to the Wulfen. The Statured lord moved up around the other side of the tower following the rhino. The bikes turbo boosted away from the 13th company down the far flank ending well out of range and line of sight of everything.
Shooting, the lord used fleet to move a few more inches, the dreadnought shot the wulfen and missed with everything. The noise marines with sonic blasters shot at the Storm claws squad and a lucky template hit killed 3.

The wulfen advanced through a building to get into position to charge the shooty noise marines next turn. The lord and storm claws moved up between a ruined building and a ruined fountain to get closer to the objective. The fenrisian wolves moved behind my battle lines using ruins to stay out of line of sight while getting into position to support the wulfen charge next turn. The small grey slayers squad took up a position to shoot the noise marines next turn. Finally the rune priest used his pyschic power, The Gate to teleport himself and the large meltagun totting grey slayer squad to land between the dreadnought and daemon prince.
The meltaguns fired, the dreadnought exploded and one grey slayer was consumed in the fireball.

Turn 2

DAEOMNS! Both units of daemonettes were summoned by the shooty noise marines in the building. One unit scattered backwards landing just behind the broken dreadnought. Using their movement they ran around it to set up a charge on the Grey Slayers. The second unit scattered towards the Wulfen, and then moved sideways in an attempt to draw the Wulfen away from the noise marines. The combat noise marine squad disembarked from their rhino and advanced on the Storm Claws and Wulfen lord. The chaos bikes moved 12" to get within range of the storm claws. The daemon prince turned around and growled as he leveled his gaze on the Grey slayers.
Shooting: the three template weapons from the rhino squad killed one storm claw and another was brought down by firepower from the bikes. This left only one storm claw with powerfist and the Wulfen lord!
The noise marines shot the large grey Slayer squad and failed to kill any.
Assault: The daemon prince and daemonettes charged the grey slayers. In a flurry of Rending attacks and monstrous creature blows the Grey Slayers were torn to shreds leaving only the Rune priest alive. He attacked the Daemon prince and caused one wound. Severley outnumbered the rune priest said a prayer to Russ and the Emperor and fought on passing his morale check (I love the Against All Odds Special rule!).
The combat noise marines charged my Wulfen Lord and his one remaining bodyguard. My lord took one wound and then killed four of the noise marines. However since they were fearless the combat continued.

On my turn the Wulfen ran 6" Towards the unenganged deamonettes. They moved up normally after that positioning themselves equidistant between the daemonettes and the shooty noise marines. The fenrisian wolves ran up and got as close as they could to the daemonettes.
My small Grey slayer squad advanced behind the Wulfen to give them covering fire.
Shooting, the small squad of Grey slayers fired on the noise marines, their bolters and plasma guns killing off 4 of the six traitors. The Fenrisians wolves used Fleet of foot to get close enough to the daemonettes to assault.
The wulfen charged the two remaining noise marines and the wolves charged the daemonettes. The daemonettes struck first, killed two wolves and then lost five models to the wolves 15 return attacks. Needless to say the last daemonette was banished to the warp.
Over on the other side of the battlefield my Rune priest was surroned by daemons and all on his own. The Daemon price struck first but only two attacks wounded, both of which were rebounded off of the rune priests storm shield. The daemonettes scrabbled futiley at his power armour as he raised his frost blade and cut down 3. The remaining 3 rolled an 11 for their instability test leaving my rune priest alone and one on one with the wounded daemon prince!
The noise marines struck first against the wulfen killing two before they were torn to ribbons.
Finally my Wulfen lord quickly killed the last two noise marines that were still alive.

After this point the game went fairly quick. On my opponents third turn I killed his Daemon price in combat after he gunned down my Wulfen lord with his noise marine bikers. It took me a few turns to chase them down but the game ended with my Smaller grey slayer squad and the Wulfen holding the objective and all my opponent has left was a single sad biker aspiring champion!

Victory to the Sons of Russ!
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Default Re: 13th Company Vs Emperors Children - 1000 Point Battle Report

I enjoyed reading this report not to long and not confusing at all. Nice work. I have always wanted to start my own 13th company army. This just may give me the inspiration to start.
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