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what next?
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Default what next?

I have a ~1000 pt. army, and here is a list, i know it is not good, but i have been playing on and off with no help for four years!

20 marines
5 assault marines
5 termies
5 scouts
Librarian w/jump pack
terminator captain

ya, exactly...i have no heavy weapons, but i dont know what i should get next. A dreadnought would seem to draw too much enemy fire, a rhino, 11 armor, not sure, razorback- six guys? Bikes, well, i need a tank hunting capability. Heavy weapons squads cant move any where, predator? whirlwind, nyehh, bad armor, land speeder, one gun? My brothers play Tau and IG, and i have friends with Orks and Eldar, and they all have some vehicle or tank, except me....'elp!
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Default Re: what next?

Very Very Simple.

Get a pedator or 2. Personally in the armys that i've played that can have predators i always take atleast 2 of them. But a Dreadnaught may not be to bad ethier. twin ac + ml is great tankhunting
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Default Re: what next?

Id opt for a dread, and a speeder with multi melta. these badders can deep strike if Im not wrong, so deep him behind the enemy lines, and fire up his rear end! should your speeder get killed next round, he has at least picked up his points. (depending wat your firing at.
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