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Beginers guide to space Marines
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Default Beginers guide to space Marines

Well i was saving this for my 200th post but I accidentally went over :P But oh well, this is a small tactica i compiled which at the moment only encompases HQ units , if anyone can add to it then that is greatly appreciated. Enjoy

Okay so let’s start with the basics. What’s good about space marines? Well first off they are a very rounded army. They can accomplish many different tasks; they are incredibly strong and well armoured and have some of the most devastating weapons in the game. But if they’re so great why doesn’t everyone use them? Well that’s one of their major flaws, everyone does use them, they are games workshops flag army, if you want to be different from everyone else, don’t play marines. In game terms marines suffer from a lack of numbers, casualties will severely hurt a squad and quite quickly you will find your armies abilities compromised. If you are looking to field an army with hundreds of men charging across the table then marines are not for you. Marines are for you if you want a small, elite army that hits hard and with brutal efficiency.

So now let’s take a look at some of the key elements of a marine list.

There are three Space Marine headquarter units, the first and most well rounded of these is the Leader. He comes in two verities, one is a captain. A captain is a very good choice to lead a small army of 500-1000 points. He is quite cheap and just as strong and skilled as his more expensive counterparts, where he falls down is his leadership. A space marine leader may give his leadership to any friendly unit on the battle field and as such you will want the highest leadership for your troops. A master is only 15 points more expensive than a captain and has both more leadership and an extra wound to boot.
When it comes to equipping your leader, I would go with a minimalist approach. I would give him a power weapon for killing well armoured opponents and also a bolt pistol to receive an extra attack. If you want to give your leader a little more survivability then you might want to invest in an iron halo.
Always remember that a leader is not a close combat monster and should not be treated as one, always put your leader in a squad and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Leaders are great for support roles but they won’t win battles on their own.

The chaplain is the staple mark Space marine close combat fighter. He again comes in two flavours. One is the Reclusiarch and the other is a Master of sanctity, again the only difference between the two is a wound and some leadership, however the leadership of a chaplain is less important than that of a master and so I personally would go with the cheaper reclusiarch. Chaplains come equipped with power weapons and what is basically an iron halo and in my opinion all that should be added is a bolt pistol and terminator honours to give some more attacks. Chaplains are incredible in close combat as the have the ability to confer re rolls to friendly units on the first round of combat, to take advantage of this try to place the chaplain in a unit with bolt pistols and close combat weapons like veterans or a command squad. If you take a command squad you may wish to invest in the furious charge ability for even more attacks. It might also be worth your while giving the chaplain and unit a land raider in big games so they are protected from fire and can assault the turn they disembark.

The last HQ unit is a librarian. These guys have access to lots of nice psychic powers and can be customised for any mission. Once again there are two types of librarians, a codicer is the weaker of the two missing out on a wound and a point of leadership, but a codicer really falls down when it comes to psychic powers. A codicer may only take one psychic power whereas the more powerful epistolary may take two. For this reason alone I would take an epistolary. If you are looking for a good close combat librarian then I would recommend the powers “might of heroes” and also “veil of time”. A good support librarian should have “fear of the darkness” and either “vortex of doom” or “storm of the emperors wrath”. For a long range librarian I would take a codicer and give him fury of the ancients as it can reach from the librarian to anywhere on the table. Librarians are primarily armed with force weapons and all I would give him is a bolt pistol and maybe terminator honours if you are planning to use him in a close combat role.

If you're new here and you have a problem, don't be afraid to PM me and ask about it. I'll try to help you in any way I can
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Default Re: Beginers guide to space Marines

I'll just add/edit/comment for now. BTW, good job!

Notes on Commander-Also don't under estimate a Captain with Bolter. You've got a 61 point commander that gives everyone on the field some good Ld. You may ask "why not spend the extra points for more survivability?" Well, for a few reasons. You don't want to charge with this marine, or send him off into combat, so he should avoid danger. And you'd be suprised how much 15 points can get you. And 1 more Ld isn't really that important, as with "and they shall know no fear" rule, and Ld9, they are very good with morale. But the Power Weapon/Bolt Pistol combo for a Captain is still good, as you can add him to a dev squad or somethng for some boosted anti-combatness. But still, my favorite is the Bolter Captain. Cheap, and does what the Captain is supposed to do. Give out a great Ld boost.

Notes on Chaplain-I wouldn't purchase Terminator Honors. It's 15 points, which again you can buy alot in special or heavy weapons, or upgrades to something else. Your also spending 15 points for just an extra attack. But I agree with the Bolt Pistol. A Master of Sanctity is better in this case, as he will be up close and fighting in the thick of combat, and will need the extra wound. A Master of Sanctity with his "power weapon" and Rosarius and a Bolt Pistol is a suprisingly formidable opponent. But another thing is giving him a pair of Lightning Claws. Although high points, this makes the Chaplain formidable. Here you have plenty of attacks (4 norm, 5 charging if Master of Sanctity), and all are incredible attacks.

Notes on Librarian-I actually like Codiciers more. Epistolaries cost 15 points more, and taking a second power is expensive, especially if your taking the more expensive ones. I prefer giving the Librarian one power, becuase your not using both in one turn. At most your using one. And with two psychic powers, your Force Weapon becomes useless, or you'll be trying to use 3 diferant power, and you might not even use one of them. Codiciers can be given one nessecary power, so they can use the power when not in assault then the force weapon when in assault. I don't recommend Might of Heros, as it meas you can't get that Force Weapon attack. Vortex of Doom is also expensive, and should you fail the test, you are toast. I prefer not to use it, and you also have to be uncomfortably close to use it. Storm is good for a Librarian going into the thick of it. Feat of the Darkness is a great power, as it can really effect a low morale squad hugely. But I prefer Fury of Ancients as my favorite. It's cheap, and you can do some damage. If aimed properly, you can hit a couple of squads. But the damage isn't the best part. Each hit causes pinning! THis means you can effectively render a few enemy squads useless for a turn or more. And just for those few little points! And the range is great-you won't have to worry about getting up close like Fear of the Darkness. Veil of Time is also useless, as it's alot of points just for something that protects the Librarian a little. Again, I don't recommend Terminator Honors.

The Command Squad
I noticed you didn't say much on these guys. These aren't just some upgrade for a Character, this is a whole entry (in fact, it takes up a page). I'll go in order for what uses they have with each character.

Basics-No matter what character, there are some things that apply to everyone. First and foremost, the command squad can get expensive, and very fast. You want to get the best results with as little points spent as possible. Still, I would not use them in a game under 1,500 points. The can take a chunk of points, and you need all the points you can get in smaller games. Also, don't feel the need to get every specialist, or any at all. Some of the best squads I've seen have been little more than a dev squad in disguise, or just a way to get a banner in. Most important, you want the squad to compliment the character. Don't make a good assault commander or give him close combat weapons and make it a shooty squad. Or making a moderate character not meant for direct combat and then sticking him in an assaulty squad. And on transports-I do not recommend them. Land Raiders are a huge no for power armor command squads. Here you are spending a huge amount of points on something not that effective, whicha Rhino could carry. That said, I even dislike giving Rhinos in my command squads (though be warned, the Rhino is useful, and that is my personal opinion. A rhino can be very useful for a command squad if used right). I prefer Drop Pods for transports, as if the squad needs to get into CC fast, they can drop nto position witht the army.

Ok. Now for specifics.

The Commander's Squad-You don't want this squad to be assaulty. The Commander isn't intended for combat much. Rather you can make this a good shooty squad. Take a Sgt and 4 Marines, give one a Lascannon, then take Tank hunters and you've got a nice tank killing weapon. Or you can take a Plasma Cannon for any heavy armored enemies. But I would stay away from giving them two heavy weapons or a special weapon and a Heavy weapon;this is were it gets expensive. For specialists, the Apothecary is great, and is a must for a Plasma Cannon squad. Don't give him anything special-I'd just keep him with his bolter. I wouldn't recommend any other specialists.

Chaplain Squad-Due to lack of experience, I'm not going too into detail with this. But these squads tend to be the most expensive, so be careful. In this squad, you want to start upgrading a little. Specialists are more useful here. A Champion is cheap and can get a good CC fighter in there. The Standard Bearer is even bette in this squad-you can now take a Holy Relic too. The Bearer is very expensive though, and I would only invest in one special banner. I recommend all of them, as they all give a nice boost to any combats. Give the rest Close Combat Weapons, and Bolt Pistols. I just use these guys as extra attacks. Also, instead of a Champion, I'd take a Vet Sgt with Powerfist. This gives your squad the capability to stand up to any opponent.

Librarian-Again, I don't have a huge amount fo experience here. I prefer not to take one.

Terminator Command Squad
These guys can only go with terminator armored characters. While expensive, they shine with a Librarian. Together, they are formidable close combat opponents, but I have never used or sen this, and only have heard. Some please expand on this for me.

In general though, except Chaplains, I do not use command squads. They can take quite some points, and aren't effective enough for my liking. Feel free to take a Character without one. And remember, these are tried methods and tactics thought up by me and many others, but you should not feel the need to stick to these rules alone. This game is great, and offers a huge amount of choices. If you have a differant idea on using one of these HQ choices, go ahead. Their are probably just as good methods as these that aren't listed here, or that might suit your tactical sense and taste more.

There are my add ins and comments. Enjoy.
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Default Re: Beginers guide to space Marines

Well, the beginners also use troops, timbuk. That's why you should give a little info on these guys, too.
First off:
Bolters: These are very efficient guns, (especially when deployed by space marines). They are accurate in a marines hand, (6/9 shots hit, usually), and they are strong enough to wound most models, the only exceptions being large vehicles, and monstrous creatures.
Heavy Weapons:
Space marines are very large, genetically enhanced humans, capable of hosting very large, and powerful weapons. Most of these weapons are effective against everything. Ranging in many possibilities, you can have very unique squads, (giving your list some extra, "oomf", from the normal space marine players plan of attack).
Heavy Bolter:
This weapon has the most shots of all the troop weapons, and is pretty strong to boot.
GEQ kills:
2.001/3 shots hit, (one marine shooting)
1.646 shots wound, (2 GEQ kills if you round the number).
MEQ kills:
2.001/3 shots hit
1.334 shots wound
0.445 MEQ kills
Missile Launcher:
There are two variants of space marine missile launcher's, krak, (spelled in the ork for some reason), and frag. Krak is the strongest, and put to better use in MEQ kills. But frag focuses in GEQ kills, and hordes of orks/termagaunts, (as it can cover 3-4 gaunts with it's shot).
Multi Melta:
An enhanced version of the melta gun, it shoots further, and is very well suited for the steady moving marines, (as they can deal damage through 2-3 turns of walking, rather then having to get up close and personal. There is one problem to the longer range is that it's heavier, meaning you can't move and shoot. Better for squads that will stay still, and shoot, rather then movement squads.
The best marine weapon in my opinion, (next to the bolter). It's strong, long ranged, and packs armour piercing well. It's not the cheapest, and will tie up movement, so use it on squads that shoot.
Plasma Cannon:
A good weapon, hosting some good strength, and great armour piercing, capable of killing 3-4 MEQ models a turn. Of course, with great weapons, comes great cons. It's heavy, and will get hot, (as marines still haven't developed really high technology). So it's best to hold in a squad of shooting marines, (mainly why these weapons are heavy weapon choices).
The Flamer:
The usual flamer, a great weapon on hordes, and any tightly packed GEQ models.
You have the choice between two vehicles.
  • Holds a large amount of troops, (more then the razorback).
  • Has a decent weapon.
  • Is quite cheap:
  • Not the best armour.
  • While its weapon may be decent, it could be better.
  • Great weapon systems, has the opportunity to host a lascannon.
  • Still cheap.
  • Holds a low amount of space marines, (fortunately it holds the average squad of marines).
  • Not the best armour.

All in all I would say the rhino is a better choice for small battles, (as you can host both in larger games). This is a nice little list for combat patrols, (400-500 points):
Space Marine Master w/bolt pistol, and lightning claw- 101 points
Squad of 8 space marines, (one has a flamer)- 126 points
Squad of 8 space marines, (shooting squad, one with lascannon, one with Plasma Gun)- 145 points
Rhino w/ squad of 5 space marines inside- 125 points
This is a 496 point list.

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Default Re: Beginers guide to space Marines

Wow, guys!! Great job!!

I'd just add my opinion on Chaplains. I totally agree with:
One is the Reclusiarch and the other is a Master of sanctity, again the only difference between the two is a wound and some leadership, however the leadership of a chaplain is less important than that of a master and so I personally would go with the cheaper reclusiarch. Chaplains come equipped with power weapons and what is basically an iron halo and in my opinion all that should be added is a bolt pistol and terminator honours to give some more attacks.
Even if you are spending 15 points for 1 attack, I like it and it improves the offehensive power of the Chaplain.

To use well the ability to reroll attacks on the charge, another good option is to give him Terminator Armor (and a storm bolter) and assign him to a squad of 5 assault terminators with lightning claws and furious charge. This is 340 points, but when you assault, you get 30 attacks, reroll to hit, and the ones of the assault termies reroll to wound too.
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