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Medusa Tactics?
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Default Medusa Tactics?

With Medusa up and coming, I'm looking for tactics to defeat alien races. However, I have barely read the Eldar codex, haven't read the new Tau, and never read the Dark Eldar codex. These are the three xenos I'm worried most about facing, and I was wondering if anyoen had tactics for SM on these three races. I always try searching, but it never works (atleast without hours of going through everything saying tau...). I would like to know not only how we can defeat them, but how they can defeat us. It always helps to know their strengths and advantages and how they can defeat SM. I also think these tactics will benifit anyone looking to join Medusa, and everyone could benefit. It's not that I have my own idea, but I really lack experience facing xenos-most of my experience is facing Orks or Chaos, or the old Tau.

Thanks in advanced.
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Default Re: Medusa Tactics?

Well I always have believed in a Strong core for your army. I recommend anywhere from 40-60 standard space marines per battle above 1500pts.

Against eldar I believe that maxing out on troops is the best strategy as high armor tanks do no good against bright lances. Also save points by giving no heavy weapons to the squads (Heavy bolters can be given if the points are available.) and put those points toward a few devastator squads with 4 missile launchers for the occasional Wraithlords, and wave serpents or other eldar tanks. Close combat or close ranged fighting is very dangerous. A full Squad of Guardians can get 40 Shuriken catapult shots and then charge(this hurts a lot).

Dark eldar
Same strategy. Only make sure you shoot down the transports very quickly, because scary suprises hide inside :P. Close combat would more than likely be bad for your marines. shooting is your best friend here. Thank the emperor for heavy bolters!

Close combat is the only thing I have found effective against them. You can't out shoot them, generally can't out maneuver them, and usually cant outnumber them. Watch out for railheads and crisis teams. Stealth teams can also be a very big hassle. Also watch out for the fish of fury! shoot down their transports as fast, strategically, and effectively as you can.
Plan to be as maneuverable as possible to corner jet packed units to kill them off.

Good amounts of bolters, heavy bolters and a few lascannons for the big monsters should be sufficient. don't plan on charging up the field. Hunker down in some good cover and wait for them to come to you. Let them charge when you strike first in cover, or assault them when the are close enough to stop them from getting the charging bonus.

Well that's what I have found to be The most Effective against these armies. I have fought many of these armies Multiple times and have won many battles using these "tactics" against them.
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Default Re: Medusa Tactics?

The campaign is a city battle so Rapid Fire might be the best you get, so Infiltrate because much of the enemy can't see you, so you can be relativly close.


These will be at the top of my DW list because all of the impassable terrain or enemy models.

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Default Re: Medusa Tactics?

I like the "Know thine enemy" attitude,

but here's all I can offer

Eldar: Watch out for Dark Reapears...take them out with some form of tank
Tau: just get into close combat, but watch out for overlapping fire

Oh, and on the TO homepage, there's that thing on the right with all the army names, they are links to stuff like stratagies and such for that particular army, also, try going on the other armies forums for hints and tricks...but don't be too obvious.
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Default Re: Medusa Tactics?

dark reapers are not generally taken because of their points cost and their bad armour. more like watch out for rangers with their invulnerable saves and ap1 shots.
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Default Re: Medusa Tactics?

against DE, I would take a buttload of heavy bolters, maybe as many as 6 - 8. 4 of em in a dev squad, and then 2 - 4 in tacticals.

A few missiles for some long range fire, and a dread or two (seeing that in CF you dont get to use long range weapons that much) to block a road from enemy assaults
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Default Re: Medusa Tactics?

Well when i use my dark eldar in tourneys i find the hardest sm player to beat is the a fairly static force backed up with rhino's

Basically there are a couple marine guru's who use thier rhino's as mobile cover
So if i go 1st there are rhino's shielding almost every target. A decent hq with a jumppack and ic status to support his army in combat and they are wicked mean to fight.

Also dreadnaughts hidden behind tanks and cover is a bitch. yay they arent a threat until the pop out and assault cannon your wychs.
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Default Re: Medusa Tactics?

Eldar- Rangers and (Alaitoc) Pathfinders are really annoying, but die well to flamers.
Star Cannons are a royal pain in the backside, so stay in cover until you can get into combat.
Eldar tanks are hard to kill, so you want lots of shots against them. Assault cannons are good against them, and avatars and wraithlords.

shoot the eldar infantry with bolters and heavy bolters. avatars will die to massed bolter fire too.

Tau- get in to close combat as quickly as possible.

Dark Eldar- shoot down their skimmers (and other fast units), try to get as far away from them as possibe so they can't get into combat, and don't spread your army thinly.

as it's cityfight, take lots of flamers.
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