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Space marine Kill team What would you have?
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Default Space marine Kill team What would you have?

Okay ive never constructed a kill team but for my showcase army (more for display than battle - tho will see battle) I want a Red Scorpion kill team im going to have FW models but I want to know what I should arm them with?
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Default Re: Space marine Kill team What would you have?

Hey man,

Kill-team is all about stealth, hard hits and having resolve to last out the mission. That means, taking a heavy weapon may seem like a good idea, but it can quickly get you into trouble, as you lose valuable moves while your opponent moves around you--and shooting a heavy weapon has consequences in Kill-team. Anyhow, I'd recommend a single gun to you, in as much supply as possible: Storm Bolters. They're great in kill-team because you can keep up the damage and range. Unfortunately it's hard to get more than one in a normal squad. Otherwise, Bolters are extremely useful. Pure, simple and good. Leave the big hard hitting power fist at home and think more about power weapons and even the mighty lighting claw if you need combat bite.

One of the biggest things about Kill-Team is simply modeling and having a very unique looking band. Actually pumping them with equipment and goodies isn't really a major part of Kill-Team, in fact, it simply hurts their real effectiveness. I'd advise you to keep them simple. But model them to look great.

Units to use:

1 - Veteran Squad jumps right out to you. They have tons of useful options too.
2 - Scout Squads are also immediately attractive.

Otherwise, explore other things perhaps. And don't forget that mixing squads together is possible, but you're penalized for it.

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