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1000pt Space Wolf Army #4
Closed Thread
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Default 1000pt Space Wolf Army #4

Well, finally its almost over...just one more list ;D

Head Quarters
Rune Priest
Bolt Pistol, Frost Axe, Chooser of the Slain, Wolf Pelt

Venerable Dreadnought
Twin Linked Lascannon, Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers

3 Scouts w/ Bolt Pistol and CCW
1 Scout w/ Melta Gun

Grey Hunters
10 Grey Hunters w/ Bolters and CCWs

Blood Claws
7 Blood Claws w/ Bolt Pistols, CCWs, and Frag Grenades
2 Blood Claws w/ Bolt Pistols, Power Fists, Frag Grenades
Transport: Rhino w/ Extra Armour , Smoke Launchers

Blood Claws
12 Blood Claws w/ Bolt Pistols, CCWs, and Frag Grenades
3 Blood Claws w/ Bolt Pistols, Power Fists, Frag Grenades

All I can say about this one, is that I was tired of making "maximm tactical ability" lists, so I decided to have fun with this list. I tried to make it differant from the norm... but yeah, Critique away!

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Default Re: 1000pt Space Wolf Army #4

hunters deserve close combat nasties as well...but then again, it looks like you're very tight on points. overall, it looks a little sluggish and inflexible (and unreliable...all those claws'll do that for ya ). might be fun to fool around with a little tho
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