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1850 Dark Angels
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Default 1850 Dark Angels

Here's the list I'm putting together for Games Day:


Master with power sword, bolt pistol, lion helm (gives every model within 3" a 4+ invulnerable against shooting).

Tank hunting command squad with 2 lascannons and an apothecary.

Lascannon and stormbolter razorback


Tank Hunting Venerable plasma cannon dreadnaught with extra armor and smoke


10 marines with deathwing sergeant (powerfist), plasma cannon, and plasma gun

10 marines with deathwing sergeant (power sword), plasma cannon, and plasma gun

10 marines with deathwing sergeant (power fist), plasma cannon, and melta gun

9 scouts with pistols and swords

7 scouts with sniper rifles

Fast Attack:

Ravenwing Landspeeder with assault cannon

Ravenwing Landspeeder with assault cannon

Heavy Support:


Predator Annihilator with lascannon sponsons

That's it. Gives me 52 infantry (36 are stubborn, the rest are LD10), 6 vehicles, 4 plasma cannons, 6 lascannons (2 twinlinked, 2 with tank hunters, 2 "normal"), 2 assault cannons, and 2 heavy bolters. 11 scoring units, (2 that infiltrate, 2 that are fast skimmers, 3 others that can move 12").

The stubborn marines form a base of fire (I've been running 3 full squads of Dark Angels as the core of my force for years...they simply can not be moved), the scouts push back enemy infiltrators, force leadership tests for targeting, assault Tau, Necrons and IG, and sieze objectives (snipers obviously force tons of armor saves on expensive models, and pin IG/orcs/tau). The HQ steadies the scouts' leadership, shoots vehicles (2 lascannons that are effectively ST10, a 4+ invulnerable, and an apothecary make them effective and survivable), and moves out in the razorback late in the game to sieze objectives (stormbolter is insurance against a second "weapon destroyed" result that would otherwise immobilize the vehicle). The speeders chase expensive fast units around the board (skimmers and crisis suits especially). The Whirlwind is for horde control. The predator is for anti-vehicle work and for attracting fire away from the other vehicles. The dreadnaught is for siezing objectives. It has a plasma cannon just because I can (and because I modeled it before 4th edition).

Due to an error in translation, the isolated colony of T'ves'kal'dai mistakenly worshiped the greater goose for seven generations. Reeducation efforts continue.

"Cheese for the cheese god! More wins for Pwn!"
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