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Raven Guard Questions
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Raven Guard Questions


i am looking at starting 40k and one of my options is to start a Raven Guard army although i have a few questions first

1. With banners, are there raven guard banners like the ultramarines banners for all units and the standard bearer in the command squad?

2. how would you incorperate anti-tank abilities into assault squad and so forth, would you have to use the anti-armour in tanks and dreds or meltabombs or tac squads?

3. Is it a generally good army that not many people use because i dont want to go ultramarines as they are common, are the raven guard not used very often?
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Default Re: Raven Guard Questions

The biggest reason Raven Guard arn;t used is because they don't have their own sub codex. so use Traits to create them!

1. Make your own banners!

2. Meltabombs on Assault squads are a good bet! Coupled with a Dred (Missile Launcher and Lascannon) you are set for anti-tank up to 1,000 point engagements. Giving Tac squads Missile Launchers is a good idea too.
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Default Re: Raven Guard Questions

Originally Posted by MechTau
The biggest reason Raven Guard arn;t used is because they don't have their own sub codex. so use Traits to create them!
Another reason that the Raven Guard aren't used much is because they lack in the heavy firepower provided by other chapters, because of the recently revamped rules in the assualt form for 40k. It makes playing the Raven Gaurd all the more fullfilling to win with. Victory aside if you are seriously looking at playing Raven Guard you have to expect to lose a lot of causualties in a really short time span. I have played Raven Gaurd for about 3 yrs and although they do not have there own codex, if played in the right way can be devastating (As with all armies and chapters)

Cheers Daemonic-Archangel
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Default Re: Raven Guard Questions

ooooooo, you can make a unit of Shrikes wing
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