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Dark Angels Fluff?
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Default Dark Angels Fluff?

Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of where to get good fluff about dark angels (besides the codex) as i wish to start dark angels but i really want to read the fluff first as i hate it when people don't really understand the army they play! ;D Cheers
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Default Re: Dark Angels Fluff?

The book Angels of Darkness is a good one for giving you both background and insight into the chapter. You can also look at the Index Astartes books for more info.

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Default Re: Dark Angels Fluff?

The book Deathwing is also a good chice. But it also contains short stories from the entire empire of man. (But the DA stories are great).
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Default Re: Dark Angels Fluff?

http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...-feasible.html Dark Angels fluff you say? Well its not official but I did find this.
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Default Re: Dark Angels Fluff?

The index astartes article on Dark Angels is fantastic.

I read it when it was first published (about 4-5 years ago I think) and I still can't believe how incredibly cool Dark Angels are. I've been wanting to do a DA army for ages.

Track down that article and read it!

(It should be in Index Asartes Volume 1)
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Default Re: Dark Angels Fluff?

try fortressunforgiven.homestead.com its a site dedicated to dark angels and their successor chapters. lots of pics, fan fiction and backstory. plus a lot of links to other dark angel sites and tactics for dark angels (including deathwing, ravenwing, epic and battlefleet gothic)
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